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Faculty Chat

The University of North Florida (UNF) Intercultural Center for Peace (ICP) recognizes the importance of equal representation and inclusion for all students. For this reason, ICP is introducing Faculty Chat, an event designed to allow students to connect with diverse and underrepresented faculty. Faculty Chat brings students closer to their professors so they can establish a significant connection with them. This event is a once-a-semester casual meeting of students and faculty where recognized faculty members share their personal inspiring stories and perspective with students. Faculty can share information to inspire underrepresented students and make them feel proud of being part of UNF diversity. They share information on how to succeed, how to fulfill personal goals, and what challenges they went through, as well as their favorite books, favorite sports, favorite places around the world, a person they admire, their favorite cuisine and more. The event seeks students to feel equally represented and included in the UNF community by fostering empathy between faculty and students. The main benefit of the program will be affording students an opportunity to meet faculty and identify with their stories.


Faculty Chat is student focused. This event is part of UNF’s effort in striving to create a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for the real-world impact.  This event is designed to provide students with high efficacy (success). We encourage critical thinking. Through this, students can determine tangible ways that can be applied to their passions and can make an impact. With a network of faculty helping to improve the student experience, we foster a community where students know that they have the support they need to enhance their abilities and, ultimately, to succeed in their own way. Thanks in advance to all faculty who will participate in this program.


Join us at The Lounge to hear inspiring and true stories!

For more information, contact the Intercultural Center for Peace.


ICP and The Lounge is located in Building 2, Suite 2100