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Collage showing our students making a peace sign, Gandhi statue and our staff sitting in the office

Intercultural Center for Peace

The Intercultural Center for Peace (ICP) is a unit of the Department of Diversity Initiatives at the University of North FloridaICP recognizes the importance of equitable representation and inclusion for all students. The center supports the university's mission by helping students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of varying cultural, racial and ethnic identities. ICP strives to foster a supportive, exploratory environment focused on holistically-developing students through education and entertainment. ICP seeks to help each Osprey find their place in the nest and soar as they spread their wings.  



The Intercultural Center for Peace promotes student learning and development through purposeful programming with different cultural groups and departments on campus. ICP strives to bridge the cultural divide between all individuals at the university and the local community to enhance multicultural sensitivity and strengthen cultural competence. 


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