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Electronic Personnel Action form (ePAF)

The Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) can be accessed through the Employee Self Service function in myWings and allows Hire/Re-Hire Actions and Change Actions to be submitted in a paperless form and then approved electronically.


The following human resource transactions are to be completed through the ePAF process:

  1. Labor Distribution changes (pre-pay period)
  2. Extending dates for hourly and salary employees
  3. Salary changes for hourly employees
  4. Title Changes for hourly employees
  5. OPS/Student Rehire into New or Existing Position
  6. Graduate Assistant Hiring and Rehiring
  7. OPS/Student Timesheet Org Change -NEW!!



New to Department OPS Job (NTDOPS), New to Department Student Job (NTDSTU), OPS/Student Reemployment (REEMP), and both Graduate Assistant (GANEWH and GAREHI) EPAFs now include two additional fields: Supervisor ID and Timesheet Org. When completing an EPAF, users with enter the N-Number of the employee’s Supervisor (individual the employee actually reports to) in the Supervisor ID field.

Nearly all OPS/Student employees have a designated primary timesheet approver based on ORG number. The name of this ORG number assignment is called an OPS TIMESHEET ORG (new field: Timesheet Orgn). This function allows a department the ability to select the appropriate six-digit number for assignment of timesheets using Self Service via myWings. A full list of all active OPS/Student Timesheet Orgs and their associated department name and Orgn can be found via the OPS Timesheet Org List.

Important ePAF documentation:

Helpful Links:


Please contact Human Resources for questions regarding electronic personnel action forms at (904) 620-2903.