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Compensatory Leave

The below information is taken from the University's policy on Hours of Work, Benefits and Leave Requirements (4.0120P).

  • Overtime compensatory leave is provided in lieu of payment for overtime for nonexempt support staff employees at the rate of one and one half times the total hours worked beyond 40 in a workweek.
  • Regular compensatory leave shall be provided to a Support exempt employee for work beyond 40 hours on an hour-for-hour basis.
  • Employees must use accrued compensatory leave prior to using other types of leave.
  • An employee may be permitted to take unpaid leave in special circumstances. Generally, an employee will be required to exhaust accrued forms of paid leave (annual, sick, personal day, or comp, as applicable) prior to recording unpaid leave. 
  • The University may elect to pay an employee for a part or all accrued special compensatory leave at any time.
  • There are several circumstances in which an employee may be paid out for unused compensatory leave. Refer to the leave payouts page for more information.