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Bereavement Leave

The below information is taken from the University's policy on Hours of Work, Benefits and Leave Requirements (4.0120P).

Documentation requirement: In order to approve bereavement leave, a copy of the obituary, the funeral program or the bereavement leave request form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Failure to provide the required documentation will cause the employee's annual leave to be used in lieu of bereavement leave.

Bereavement leave provides up to three days, paid time off, upon the death of a family member or relative. A family member or relative is defined as:

  • Employee's spouse
  • Employee's parents
  • Employee's children and children's spouses
  • Employee's grandparents
  • Employee's grandchildren
  • Employee's siblings and the sibling's spouses
  • Employee's aunt, uncle, niece, nephew and first cousin
  • Employee's spouse's parents
  • Employee's spouse's children
  • Employee's spouse's siblings
  • Employee's spouse's grandparents
  • Employee's domestic partner

A relative or related person also includes a person who is engaged to be married to an employee.