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New Employee Orientation (“Welcome to the Nest”)  

The Office of Human Resources has designed a University-wide orientation for new employees. The goal of employee orientation is to support new staff members in assimilating quickly and successfully into the university by providing pertinent information, including but not limited to departmental introductions, parking, payroll and employee benefits.  It is required for all budgeted and full-time OPS employees to attend. If a part-time position is designated as a Responsible Employee or Campus Security Employee, attendance at New Employee Orientation is required.  


Note: New employee orientation will be conducted virtually via Zoom for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.


Welcome to the Nest Orientation Dates
Fall 2020  Summer 2020  Spring 2020   Fall 2019
Monday, August 10 Monday, June 1 Monday, January 13 Monday, August 26 
Monday, August 24 Monday, June 15 Monday, January 27 Monday, September 9 
Monday, August 31 Monday, June 29 Monday, February 10 Monday, September 23
Tuesday, September 8 Monday, July 13 Monday, February 24 Monday, October 7
Monday, September 21 Monday, July 27 Monday, March 09 Monday, October 21
Monday, October 5   Monday, March 23 Monday, November 4
Monday, October 19   Monday, April 6 Monday, November 18
Monday, November 2   Monday, April 20 Monday, December 2
Monday, November 16   Monday, May 4 Monday, December 16
Monday, November 30   Monday, May 18  
Monday, December 14