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Services Contract Guidelines and Procedures  


Purpose: A Services Contract is used solely for establishing temporary or intermittent work such as, short-term tasks, peak-load or seasonal assignments, project-based assignments, and special events, and to create the pay schedule that follows, or during, the work.  A Services Contract is not a retro-pay form and is not intended to be a pay form for a budgeted line position.


Eligibility:  Services Contracts may be used for the following employee types: (1) current UNF Other Personnel Services (OPS), and (2) current UNF students. Current UNF Faculty and A&P employees, should use the Supplemental Compensation EPAFs. All types outside of the previous listed will need to be further reviewed within Human Resources.


Duration:  Services completed for the contract should indicate short term such as, but not limited to, a day or a month.  If the work detailed in the contract spans over a semester or year, this may indicate that a job should be created via Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) or the Online Application System (OASys).


Determination:  All Services Contracts must be requested via email (to at least two weeks before any services begin, using the Services Contract Request Form.  All requirements must be met as indicated in the Service Contract Procedures on the first page of the request form.  If the request is approved, the requestor will receive the contract from Human Resources personnel to complete and receive the appropriate signatures. 


Additional Information: The Services Contract is not intended or to be used to pay for services after they have been performed.  It is a professional agreement and must be completed prior to beginning any paid assignment or services. 


  • Submit the Services Contract Request Form via email to at least two weeks before the services are performed. If there is more than one person performing the same services, include all names and N# on one request form. The request form can be found via the HR Forms webpage.

    Note: All requests will be reviewed to determine if the contract should proceed, a job should be created, or if the department will need to speak with Class and Compensation and Pay and Leave to determine if the method of payment is allowable.
  • If the request form is approved, Human Resources personnel will send the hiring department/official the Services Contract to complete and route to the appropriate areas for signatures.

  • The department will need to send the employee to Human Resources to process for payroll before performing any paid work. Original, unexpired, personal identification and documents must be presented to begin the payroll process.
  • Once the Services Contract is received by Human Resources, HR will verify the payroll status and background screening requirement.

    Note: A background screening is required for any employee who is (1) not a current UNF student, (2) has had a significant break in service with no history of a screening, or (3) has not previously been screened within UNF’s Human Resources office in over a year. If required, the screening must be completed before performing any paid work.
  • After the background screening process has been completed, HR will forward the Services Contract to the Pay and Leave area for processing.