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Sample Offer Letters

Offer Letters

Signed offer letters are required for all Administrative (A&P) and Support (USPS) position new hires, including those new to the University (external hires) as well as those new to the department (internal hires). In addition, signed offer letters are required for instances where current University employees are promoted from OPS positions to Support (USPS) positions or from Support (USPS) positions to Administrative (A&P) positions. Sample offers letters are provided below.  


Contracts & Grants: A&P Positions


New Hire (External): A&P Positions


New Hire (Internal): A&P Positions 


New Hire (Internal): USPS to Exempt A&P Positions


New Hire (Internal) USPS to Non-Exempt A&P Positions


Promotion Letter


Moving Allowance: A&P Positions


Time-Limited: A&P Positions


The online application system, OASys, sends system generated email notices of non-selection when the recruitment posting is moved to filled by the hiring department. These automatic system generated email notices are based on the applicant’s status (Not Interviewed, Not Selected; Interviewed, Not Selected; etc.) and on the recruitment status (Filled, Cancelled, etc.). Please note that these system notices are only sent automatically if the applicant statuses are set prior to the recruitment being moved to filled.

In the event that the recruitment posting in OASys is moved to filled and the applicant statuses are not in final dispensed states (Not Interviewed, Not Selected; Interviewed, Not Selected; etc.) it is the responsibility of the hiring department to send notices of non-selection directly to the applicants. Sample notices are provided below.


After Interview Rejection 1


After Interview Rejection 2


Application Received - Review in Progress


Cancelled Recruitment


Late Application


No Interview Rejection  


Reopened Recruitment 1


Reopened Recruitment 2


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