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Osprey Talent Network Title in Blue

OspreyTalent Network

The OspreyTalent Network is available to assist departments in continuing their operations while keeping our current employees working.

  • Do you have talented employees with reduced workload due to COVID-19 who have the capacity to work and help others within your division, college or in other campus departments?
  • Do you have extra work in your department where you could use additional help?

How OspreyTalent works:

Divisions, colleges or departments that have vacant positions, additional workload or special projects may connect with UNF employees affected by a reduction in work due to COVID-19. For divisions, colleges, or departments who have extra work and current employees with capacity, new duties can be assigned internally via a memo.

For budgeted Support (USPS) employees, the goal is to keep them working their regular schedule. For student and OPS employees, the goal is to keep them working up to their average number of scheduled biweekly hours.

Within your division, college, or department

Departments with extra work should first look within their own division, college or department for employees who could be temporarily assigned to help. If you have extra work and an existing employee within your department or college, there is no need to officially change the employee’s position or funding. No PAF or EPAF is required, and they will enter any hours worked in their new assignment on their existing timesheet. Instead of a PAF or EPAF, assign the work via a memo signed by the employee, their supervisor, and supervisor of the additional work, to be kept in both department’s files.

Outside of your division, college or department

HR Employment will help you identify and document an OspreyTalent arrangement with an employee outside of your division, college or department. Please complete the form below to request assistance and provide detailed information on the nature of your vacant positions, projects and/or additional workloads.

Next Steps:

  • If your department needs assistance with projects and/ore additional workloads from a current UNF employee outside of your division, college or department complete the OspreyTalent department request form.
  • If you have employees with capacity to take on additional assignments outside of your department, complete the OspreyTalent nomination form.
  • If you are an employee with additional capacity, please notify your supervisor so they can nominate you for OspreyTalent.

HR Employment will evaluate available work and nominated employees to match current employees with work available. HR will provide a memo to be signed by the employee, their supervisor, and the supervisor of the new duties. The employee’s title, funding source, and rate of pay will not change, and they will continue to enter hours worked on their regular timesheet.