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Other Personnel Services (OPS) Recruitment and Employment

OPS Guidelines:

Definition: Other Personnel Services (OPS) defines temporary employment with no guarantee of continued employment. These positions do not provide the full benefits that are provided with a budgeted line position.


Purpose: OPS employment is used solely for accomplishing temporary or intermittent work such as, short-term tasks, peak-load or seasonal assignments, project-based assignments, special events, and the replacement of an incumbent on Medical/FMLA defined leave. OPS employees do not fill established positions and may not be assigned the duties of any vacant budgeted line position.


Classification: Generally, OPS positions are classified as FLSA non-exempt positions. These positions are paid on an hourly basis. Non- exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay for actual work time in excess of 40 hours per week in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Requests to classify OPS positions as exempt from FLSA requirements shall be made to the Human Resources and will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.


Eligibility: All OPS employees must successfully complete a background screening as a condition of employment at UNF. Currently enrolled UNF students are NOT eligible to work an OPS position. In general, OPS employees are not eligible for any form of paid leave, paid holidays, a paid personal day, participation in state group insurance or retirement benefits, or any other state employee benefit. However, if the OPS employee has worked or is reasonably expected to work at least 30 or more hours per week during their employment, they may be eligible to participate in the state group insurance program. Contact Human Resources Benefits for benefit eligibility verification and visit the OPS Benefit Eligibility webpage for more information.


Funding: OPS positions are not funded in the same manner as regular positions. Hiring officials should note that OPS employees may be eligible for health insurance benefits if working in a full-time capacity. Hiring departments may be responsible for funding the employer portion of such benefits.


Duration: OPS employees are required to have an end date of no later than one year from their hire date. Departments will need to submit reemployment EPAFs for any OPS employee who will continue working in the position set to end. In the event an OPS employee ceases work prior to the submitted position end date, or separates from the University, a termination PAF should be routed for signature and submitted to Human Resources, so that the job and employee records can be ended in the Banner system. 


Audit: As per Florida Statute 110.131, Other-personal-services employment, department heads are required to reevaluate the OPS position annually (by June 30th) to review and determine the continued necessity of each OPS position, both part-time and full-time positions. If the workforce need is still present, the OPS position should be evaluated for departmental need of a line-item or time-limited position. If the OPS position no longer meets the purpose(s) described above, the department must submit a PAF to terminate the employee.

Recruitment Quick Guide:

The following flowchart and steps have been designed to facilitate the recruitment process for an OPS employee.


employment flowchart information below image in drop down
Image Information

If you know the applicant you want to hire:

Have they previously worked on campus?

If yes - Submit an EPAF via Self-Service in MyWings

If no - Creat a recruitment request in OASys for "Direct hire"

If you don't know the applicant you want to hire:

Create a recruitment request in OASys

Note: For OPS hired via EPAF, send HR the applican't full name and email address so that the background screening can be initiated

  • Create a Recruitment Request within OASys. Refer to the OASys training resources page to learn how to gain access to the OASys hiring official site and create a recruitment request.


    Note: If you are a first-time user of the upgraded OASys hiring official site, register for an upcoming training through the Center of Professional Development (CPDT).

  • Submit the recruitment request for approval within OASys. OPS recruitment requests may be sent directly to human resources without additional approvals.
  • As soon as the recruitment is posted, applicants may begin to submit applications online (

    • If an applicant submits an application or resume to the department, they still must apply to the online posting within OASys
    • For Direct Hire(s), HR will post the position internally and send the hiring official a Quicklink to send directly to the applicant so that they can apply to the posting. Please use the "Special Instructions" section of the posting to indicate that the posting is reserved for direct hire.
  • Conduct interviews and reference checks.

  • Extend the offer(s) of employment. *Applicants should not report to Human Resources for payroll processing until an offer of employment has been extended an accepted.
  • Move the applicant(s) to a status of "Recommend for Hire" and submit a Hiring Proposal for them. Refer to the OPS/Student Hiring Proposal quick guide to learn how to successfully complete and submit the hiring proposal. Submitting the hiring proposal to Human Resources will initiate the background screening.


    Note: The employee cannot begin work until the background screening is complete with results that meet university standards.

  • The employee(s) must report to Human Resources to process for payroll on or before their first day of work. New employees are required to provide valid and unexpired personally identifiable documents that will be used to complete the I-9 Employment Verification Form.

    • To verify Identity, the employee must bring a valid unexpired photo identification card (e.g., driver's license, passport, etc.)
    • To verify work eligibility, the employee must bring their original social security card, original birth certificate, unexpired passport, or another combination of acceptable documents (see link below for full list of documents).

    Please reference the List of Acceptable Documents PDF for a complete list of acceptable documents to complete the I-9.


    *International employees need to complete extra steps prior to visiting Human Resources for payroll processing. Please review the HR International Employees webpage for more information.


    Direct Deposit is encouraged for all employees. To set up Direct Deposit, a personal voided check or bank statement is needed. Employees may also provide a printout or letter from their financial institution stating their  name along with the full account and routing numbers. Note: Payroll requires that attached proof include printed legal name and account number.


  • Human Resources will collect all necessary personal information (Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Citizenship status) and approve the Hiring Proposal once the employee has completed their background screening and reported to HR to process for payroll.

  • Move all remaining active applicants (that you do not intend to hire) to "Not Selected." Reference the Bulk Applicant Change guide for assistance changing multiple applicant statuses at once.

  • Fill the posting.

    Note: Filling the posting is required if you do not intend to hire any more applicants in the current semester.