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Special Pay Increases/Restructure and Reorganization

Special Pay Increases

Departments may request special pay increases for administrative and support staff. Special pay provides an increase to the employee's salary in their current position and title and may be given (if approved) as long as rate and dollars are available within the department.

The special pay increase categories are:

  • Assigned Duties* (increased responsibilities which significantly impacts the position)
  • Counter-offer (attach copy of offer letter)
  • Other:
    • Budget Limitations
    • Internal Equity
    • Market Retention
    • Market Salary
    • Salary Compression

*This requires a revised position description, which must be signed by the employee.


Supervisors may initiate special pay increases by completing the Request for Special Pay Increase action in the OASys PD Module.  All special pay increase requests require an explanation and/or justification. All increases will be routed to the Divisional and University Budget Office for review and will require a recommendation for approval from the respective Vice President of each budgetary unit. The Office of Human Resources will review and submit requests for special pay increases to the Presidential designee for approval. The effective date for special pay actions will be first day of the pay period following the Presidential designee's approval. Please refer to the payroll calendar for pay period dates.

Restructure and Reorganization

What is a Restructure or Reorganization?


Both are organizational changes which typically impact a number of positions.


Such changes can result in the need to:  

  • Adjust compensation (upward or downward)
  • Create new positions
  • Change a position's duties in a way that requires review of the job title
  • Change in work assignments significantly modifying reporting relationships for current employees
  • Change the bargaining unit assignment as a result of changes to a position's job classification
  • Eliminate or reduce existing positions



Restructures or Reorganizations typically occurs when there is a:  

  • Change in Senior Leadership (i.e. Assistant VP or above)
  • Staff change that significantly impacts unit/organization mission or vision
  • Vision change or process improvement (i.e. better way of doing business)
  • Closing of Department/Unit (Postal Services, Printing Services etc.)


The HR Classification & Compensation Section will review the department’s plan as they can often time identify potential issues and provide alternative solutions. 


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