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Position Descriptions

Position descriptions provide information about the knowledge, training, education, and skills needed for each job. They prevent misunderstanding by informing employees what they need to know to successfully perform their jobs and fulfill the mission of the University. The university creates and maintains position descriptions for all Administrative & Professional (A&P) and Support Staff (USPS) positions.


All PD’s include the following information:

  • Position classification (LINK)
  • General position information (e.g., position title, position number, working hours, etc.)
  • Essential Functions; An essential function is a duty or responsibility that is fundamental to the job -- a critical or basic component of that job.
  • Marginal Functions; A marginal function is not unessential to the work unit, only to a given job. The function has to be accomplished, but it can be done by another employee or position.
  • The education, training, and/or experience required, which must include the minimums listed on the class specification but can include additional departmental requirements or preferences.
  • The types of licenses and/or certificates that the incumbent must hold to perform the duties of the position and any other mandatory requirements.
  • The supervision exercised and received.

PD’s classified as Administrative & Professional (A&P) also include:

  • Any policy making and/or interpretation of policy that will be required.
  • Any program direction and development that will be required.
  • The level of public contact, internal and external, that will be required.
  • Any monetary responsibility (amount and consequence of error) that will be required.
  • The level of responsibility for confidential data, the disclosure of which would be prejudicial to the successful operation of the University of North Florida.

Using the PD Module

Position descriptions can be accessed electronically via the  Position Description Module in OASys. The PD module can be used to complete the following position actions:

  • Establish a New PD
  • Update a PD
  • Request a Reclassification
  • Request a Special Pay Increase


Departments are encouraged to review position descriptions annually (or more frequently if needed) to ensure all fields reflect current and accurate information. Please review the Position Module Quick Guides for assistance completing the above position actions in OASys.

Establishing a position

The Classification and Compensation Unit of Human Resources is responsible for classifying positions for the University of North Florida's administrative and support staff pay plans. The following steps are required by the department in order to establish a new position:

  1. Secure funding for the position from the appropriate budget authority for your unit.
  2. Secure a position number from the University Budget Office or Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (for contract and grant positions).
  3. Submit a position description along with an updated organizational chart to the Classification and Compensation Unit of Human Resources. Information on how to correctly and accurately write a position description can be found on the Writing/Modifying a Position Description webpage.

Working Title Policy

Classification and Compensation in the Office of Human Resource Services will review proposed working titles when approving position actions to ensure the working title reasonably reflects the responsibilities and level of the employee in question.