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Disability Retirement

The Florida Retirement System (FRS) provides a disability provision for members who are unable to work because they have become disabled. To qualify, you must be totally and permanently disabled from performing any useful and efficient service as an officer or an employee. Your injury or illness must have occurred before you terminated employment or joined the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP). If you are a reemployed retiree or are currently participating in the DROP program, you are not eligible for disability benefits. There are two types of disability retirement plans under the FRS system - Regular and In Line of Duty.

Regular Disability

To qualify for regular disability retirement, you must have a minimum of 8 years of creditable service with the FRS system regardless of vesting requirements for your membership class. If approved, your Option 1 benefit will be at least 25% of your average final compensation. If your actual earned benefit based on your years of creditable service would be higher than the 25% minimum regular disability benefit, the higher amount will be paid.

In-Line-of Duty Disability

You are covered for in-line-of duty disability from your first day of employment. To qualify for in-line-of duty benefits, the disability must have been caused by a job-related illness or accident that occurred while you were working for an FRS employer; including approved leaves of absences. If approved, your benefit would be at least 42% of your average final compensation (Regular class, Senior Management Service Class, or Elected Officer's class) or a minimum of 65% of your average final compensation (Special Risk Class or Special Risk Administrative Support Class).

FRS Investment Plan

These disability provisions are the same as those in the Pension Plan (eight years credible service). If you are eligible to retire because of a disability, your retirement plan participation will be transferred to the Pension Plan. You will receive benefits under the provisions of that plan. Your Investment Plan account balance will be transferred to the Investment Plan Disability account to help fund your disability benefit. (Note: FRS Investment Plan members are not eligible to buy optional service credit.)

How to Enroll

Contact the Office of Human Resources to schedule an appointment with a benefit coordinator.