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Wellness Matters


Wellness has never been more crucial than it is today. Although the word 'wellness' reminds us of our health wellbeing, the definition is broad, and many factors, in addition, to maintaining good health, are housed under this umbrella. When you think of wellness, do not forget factors such as financial, emotional, environmental, social, spiritual, and so on that exist and fall under this big parasol. These topics and many more can cause us to feel 'unhealthy' but knowing there are resources to assist in making us feel whole again is encouraging and hopeful.

Whether we need brushing up on a particular topic, a 101 crash course, or a gentle push towards bettering our wellness and overall lifestyle, many options exist at the fingertips that can assist us during these times of need. Thankfully, resources are abundant, and many of them are free!
You are encouraged to visit this page often. Review what resources are available and allow yourselves the extra TLC. Whether the right resource is listed for you or not, this is a perfect start to moving in the right direction and finding that connection that will assist in guiding you on your path to better health.

Our overall wellness is essential in keeping ourselves balanced and not only to ourselves but to those around us. You deserve this, and you deserve to feel your best! The University provides many resources and guidance to help you on this journey. To healthy living!


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