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Tuition Exchange Program

All faculty, administrative, and support staff employees are eligible to participate in the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP). Employees can send their dependents to any of the 530 TEP institutions as “exports,” and the University of North Florida, in return, accepts the dependents of other members of TEP as our “imports.” UNF employees whose dependents are participating in TEP pay the equivalent of UNF tuition per academic year for the privilege of having the majority of their child’s tuition waived by the TEP institution he or she is attending (you still must pay room and board expenses, however). The amount that UNF employees pay for this benefit goes into a foundation account that allows UNF to pay the tuition (sometimes out-of-state tuition) for the students that we accept as our “imports.”


A list of participating TEP schools can be found on the tuition exchange program web siteMore information about the program and applications can be obtained from Meghan Hull, Enrollment Services, (904) 620-2881.