Summer 2012 Excellence Awards Winners 

President Delaney is pleased to announce the recipients of the Summer 2012 Excellence Awards: 


 Summer 2012 STE  

Soaring to Excellence

1st Place: Paula Michael Dass, Career Services 
2nd Place: Jennifer Neidhardt, Human Resources


 Summer 12 OOA

Outstanding Achievement

1st Place: Heather Strange, Controller’s Office 
2nd Place: Pat Watson, Enrollment Services Processing

Quality Customer Service 

Office of Admissions

Spot Awards 

Pam Bush, University Center 
Andrew Burks, Physical Facilities 
Leah Carpenter, Enrollment Services Processing 
Olivia Daniel, Physical Facilities 
Robert Daniel, Physical Facilities 
Alex Davis, Physical Facilities 
William Dunn, Physical Facilities 
Crystal Fountain, Parking Services 
Jennifer Garrow, Information Technology Services 
Nicholas Geake, Physical Facilities 
Angela Graham, Treasury 
Kristopher Hatcher, Enrollment Services Processing 
Delores Irvin, School of Nursing, Brooks College of Health 
Casey Knowles, Physical Facilities 
Dana McCoy, ADA Compliance Office 
Clifford Poppell, School of Engineering, College of Computing, Construction and Engineering 
Gregory Swisher, Physical Facilities 
Kaleema Webb, Physical Facilities 
Geoffrey Whittaker, Information Technology Services 
Janet Withers, Leadership, School Counseling and Sport Management, College of Education