Classification Redesign Project Update

Phase II - "Titling" Complete!

  • The Classification Redesign Project Team has completed titling 96% of the jobs throughout the university;
  • The 96% represents a combine total of 930 A&P and Support Staff positions;
  • The other 4% will be captured via current Position Description and/or departmental consultation as applicable;
  • The Redesign Team met with the President on May 5th and received his approval of the "Titling";
  • Additionally, we have received approval from the President to evaluate and determine the next steps;

To-date, we anticipate the next steps being:

  • The Project Team will provide final documentation to Director level leadership regarding your new title.
  • The preliminary goal for Directors to communicate with you will be July 1, 2008;
  • Reason for length of time in communicating titles...
    • May 5th thru June 29th includes our discussion with AFSCME Collective Bargaining Unit for Support, so that this initiative can be rolled out to the entire university community at the same time.

About the Market Analysis:

  • We are in the process of evaluating how we'll proceed with the Market Analysis. As soon as we have established our approach, we will communicate it to you.
  • Because of the complexity and differences across the various positions our employees hold, we expect that the process of conducting a market analysis will not be an easy or quick task to complete. But, we understand the importance of the information we'll be gathering and want the university to have the best data possible.