Classification Redesign Project

Project Overview

Early last year, the Office of Human Resources began an initiative to redesign the current job classification system. The purpose of this project is to analyze all Administrative and Professional (A&P) and Support (USPS) job classifications. Faculty and Other Personnel Services (OPS) are not part of this project. The team responsible for this project consists of Angel Cummings, Michael Fritts, and Felicia George.

The goals of this project are as follows:

  • Create a University-wide classification system that is flexible and meets the current and future needs of UNF
  • Create a career-friendly framework tied to market-referenced information
  • Gather comprehensive market data on titles and salary ranges for current positions at UNF

Project Phases

Phase I: Development and Implementation of the PDQ

Phase II: Job Analysis and Evaluation

Phase III: Final Position Description Upload

Phase I: The Office of Human Resources developed an online Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). The purpose of the PDQ is to accurately describe the current duties and responsibilities of a particular position. The PDQ data includes responses from employees about their duties and responsibilities, with the supervisor's comments included. We asked all Administrative and Support employees to complete this questionnaire. We used Camtasia as a tutorial for employees and provided access to the Classification Manual for supervisors. In addition, frequently asked questions (FAQs) were posted on the PDQ site. It was our intent to provide as much assistance as possible to those assisting us with this very important project.

Phase II: As questionnaires were returned to Human Resources via OASys, the classification redesign team began the process of analyzing and evaluating the content of each position for the duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills and qualifications to determine if the current job titles were appropriate. Once the analysis is complete, recommendations for changes will be made to senior management.

Phase III: Upon completion, approved position descriptions will be uploaded via OASys.

Project Updates:

We launched the PDQ site in March, 2006 and have received 860 PDQs to date. We are in the process of following up with those who have submitted incomplete information, as well as those who have not submitted anything. Over the next few months, each position will be analyzed and grouped with other positions that are similar in scope, nature of work, duties and responsibilities. These positions will be assigned a job title and UNF job specifications will be written.

The Office of Human Resources and the classification redesign team would like to thank all employees for their participation in this process. We look forward to the completion of this important initiative and are confident it will be a benefit to the entire university community.