The Presidential Excellence Award Committee announces the 2017 spring winners, who will be recognized at the Presidential Awards Ceremony Luncheon during the 2018 Professional Development Forum. Winners are as follows:


Presidential Excellence Awards - Administrative and Professional

  • First Place: Peter Lowe, assistant director, Institutional Research
  • Second Place: Justin Sipes, coordinator, Center for Community-Based Learning

Presidential Excellence Awards - USPS/Out-of-Unit Faculty or OPS

  • First Place: Simone Wilson, data processing associate, Registrar's Office
  • Second Place: Trevor Cheatham, office manager, Department of Physics

Presidential Excellence Awards - Quality Customer Service Award

  • Winner: Victim's Advocacy

Presidential Spot Awards

  • Jeremy Baker, coordinator, Registrar's Office
  • Brian Becker, coordinator, Human Resources
  • Maurisha Bishop-Salmon, coordinator, The Women's Center 
  • Lynn Brown, associate director, Transportation and Logistics
  • Leah Carpenter, coordinator, Registrar's Office
  • Dylan Charles, coordinator, Undergraduate Studies
  • Julie Dann, accounting associate, Student Affairs 
  • Kristin Douberly, coordinator, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Brock Ertel, event planning associate, Student Government
  • Jeffrey Gouge, senior security analyst, IT Security
  • Randall Head, locksmith, Maintenance and Energy Management
  • Matthew Holcombe, data processing associate, Registrar's Office
  • Jacob Koza, applications systems specialist, Enterprise Systems
  • Deborah Kuhr, public relations associate, Public Relations
  • Joy Magnon, office manager, The Women's Center  
  • Sheila Mastriana, child development teacher, Child Development Center
  • Erin McKillip, coordinator, Registrar's Office
  • Dorianne Schaffield, coordinator, Interfaith Center
  • Brandon Smith, assistant director, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Luciann Tappin, office manager, Child Development Center
  • Brandi Winfrey, coordinator, Student Government