The Presidential Excellence Awards Committee announces the winners of the Spring 2015 Presidential Excellence Awards. The award recipients will be publicly recognized at the annual Excellence Awards Ceremony, during the Professional Development Forum in early May 2016.


Presidential Excellence Awards — A & P

First place: Fen Yu, interim director, Institutional Research

Runner-up (tie): Heather Burk, assistant director, Center for Community-Based Learning, Academic Affairs 

Runner-up (tie): Chad Learch, director, New Student Orientation, Enrollment Services, Academic Affairs 


Presidential Excellence Awards — USPS/Out-of-Unit Faculty or OPS

First place: Lisandra Carmichael, director, Public Services, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Academic Affairs


Presidential Quality Customer Service Award:

Winner: Human Resources Department, President’s Office


Presidential Spot Awards:

Julia Behler, senior library associate, Thomas G. Carpenter Library

Deborah Berard, financial systems analyst, Controller’s Office

Sharon Bove, coordinator of academic support services, Welcome Center

Fred “JR” Chambers, network analyst, Information Technology Services

Pasquale Caiazzo, applications systems analyst, Information Technology Services

Ken Durrant, office assistant, Procurement Services

Brock Ertel, events planning associate, Student Union

Rhonda Gracie, horticulturist, Physical Facilities

Tim Hunter, IT support manager, Information Technology Services

Justin Lovins, coordinator for Records and Registration, Enrollment Services

Jason Jones, data architect, Information Technology Services

Clay Maddox, assistant director of IT security, Information Technology Services

Kelly Marton, academic adviser, Coggin College of Business

Tomarkus Myhand, groundskeeper, Physical Facilities

Danny Pearson, Recycle Refuse Worker, Physical Facilities

Melinda Rojas, coordinator, Writing Center

Melinda Santos, career coordinator, Coggin College of Business

Martha Solomon, senior library associate, Thomas G. Carpenter Library