Fall 2012 Excellence Awards Winners

President John Delaney is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Fall Excellence Awards. These individuals provide clear examples of the University's commitment to excellence.

Soaring to Excellence


1st Place: Greg Catron, Human Resources
2nd Place: Philip Green, Continuing Ed

Outstanding Achievement

1st Place: Anamarie Lelis, Career Services
2nd Place: Shelley Anderson, Library



Exceptional Service Award

This special award is granted to the CNN Debate Committee for the exceptional service and dedication during the planning and production of the CNN Republican Presidential Debate hosted at UNF on January 26, 2012. 


Chair:  Sharon Ashton, Public Relations

George Androuin, Herbert University Center

Nicole Atkinson, Fine Arts Center

David Crabtree, Student Union

John Dean, University Police Department

John Hale, Physical Facilities

Linda Mobley, Public Relations

Vince Smyth, Auxiliary Services

Lance Taylor, Information Technology Services


Quality Customer Service

Adam W. Herbert University Center


Spot Awards

Nicholas Burns, Advancement Services
William Carbaugh, Physical Facilities
Collin Cassidy, Information Technology Services
Neal Fisher, Parking Services
Gennadiy Gedroit, Information Technology Services
Jillian Gooding Sickler, Enrollment Services Processing
Cristina Helbling, Honors Program
Dwayne Howard, University Police Department
Linda Hubbart-Williams, Purchasing
Kempton Jackson, Physical Facilities
Heather Johnston, Honors Program
Jayne Krichbaum, Women’s Center
Carl Schumacher, Physical Facilities
Donald Simmons, Physical Facilities
Dan Simon, Information Technology Services
Greg Swisher, Physical Facilities
Lauren Tallier, Enrollment Services Processing
Rachael Trinklein, Honors Program
Mike Trotter, Purchasing
Melissa Davenport Tucker, Coggin College of Business
Emily Will, Enrollment Services Processing