2010 Summer Excellence Award Winners Announced

2010 Summer Soaring

President Delaney is pleased to announce the recipients of the Summer 2010 Excellence Awards. The recipients listed below are clear examples of our university’s commitment to excellence. 

Soaring to Excellence 

Zak Ovadia, 1st Place 
Campus/Facilities Planning 
Zak introduced the United States Green Building Council’s LEED program to the University as a basis for design of all UNF capital construction projects. As a result, UNF’s Social Sciences Building was one of the first certified “green buildings” in northeast Florida. Zak initiated this program prior to any State of Florida requirements for public buildings to be USGBC/LEED program certified. Consequently, Zak has appeared as a guest lector at various local USGBC chapter meetings featuring UNF’s “green building” program. These results are testament to his extremely effective leadership skills and wise budget management. Zak consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that people are getting what they need in a prompt and courteous manner while maintaining control over tight project budgets and schedules. 

Andrea McLeod, 2nd Place 
Enrollment Services 
Andrea is innovative, sensitive to both student and college needs and works tirelessly to produce more and better ways of meeting those needs. Her exceptional dependability and trademark calmness, even in the face of an overwhelming workload, make her one of Enrollment Services most valuable resources. Andrea has improved and streamlined the university’s scheduling process into the most efficient and accurate scheduling system the university has ever had. She is also continually working to coordinate our system with the changing needs of the university. Andrea’s exceptional customer service skills and professionalism have made her an ideal representative of our team, and she has earned the respect of a great many people across campus with her dedication to her job and positive attitude. UNF is very lucky to have this talented person working for us. 

Outstanding Achievement 

Teresa Campbell, 1st Place 
Student Union 
Since Teresa’s undergraduate years when she served in several student leadership positions, her commitment to enhancing school spirit and campus life has been unmatched. Teresa brings a level of enthusiasm and excitement that is contagious. She, along with her colleagues, has created a student training program that enhanced the level of customer service and professionalism. She takes to heart the philosophy in the office that the student employees are more than just hired help. It goes without question that Teresa personifies excellence and excels at all her responsibilities. When developing programs, she does nothing short of amazing, over the top events regardless of how little resources she has. Teresa approaches her job with 100% dedication and enthusiasm. 

Barbara Christy, 2nd Place 
Enrollment Services 
For over 25 years, Barbara has been dependably showing up for work each and every day at UNF and evaluating/admitting students who have applied for admission to UNF. She has admitted thousands of students, and has served faithfully as a liaison with advisors, faculty and people all over campus who depend on her deep knowledge base of all issues dealing with students seeking admission. Barbara has proven herself to be one of the most valuable resources. She is always the first person to volunteer to handle extra tasks, and has willingly accepted the challenge of teaching other staff members the transfer evaluation process. She has been voted “Most Productive” by the Enrollment Services Processing Office staff at the annual peer awards ceremony on several occasions and is recognized throughout enrollment Services for both this high level of productivity, and also her commitment to train the next generation. 

Customer Service Award 

Student Union Administration 
The motto of the Student Union Administration Office is “Providing Exemplary Customer Service”. The staff goes above and beyond that motto to support their guests and clients in the most timely manner possible. They make themselves available when and where guests need them so they can promptly respond to each and every need in a time frame convenient for their guests. They do not sit idly buy waiting to support guests and tenants, but have become proactive partners. Customer feedback includes… “incredible staff”… “amazing staff”… “always there to help out with a smile”… “extremely impressed”… “exceptional job in making things perfect”. Status quo is something their team never accepts, especially when it comes to customer service. 

Spot Award 

The following award recipients were “spotted” providing quality service, internal or external to their departments, which will have a lasting positive effect on students, faculty, staff or visitors: 
Maria Atilano, Library 
Felicia Bernard, Coggin College of Business 
John Bishop, Physical Facilities 
Tracy Britton, Library 
Pam Bush, University Center 
Cindy Chin, UNF Faculty Association 
Terry DeRubeis, Coggin College of Business 
Debbie Dodd, Enrollment Services 
Tom Erdal, Brooks College of Health 
Brock Ertel, Physical Facilities 
Lavonne Frison, Human Resources 
Angela Gibson, Sponsored Research 
Annie Gomez, Enrollment Services 
Jeanette Johnson, Teach Gymnasium 
Joel Jones, Human Resources 
Mahreen Mian, Child Development Research Center 
Marie Michel, Physical Facilities 
Martha Radovic, Foundation Scholarships 
Becky Raines, Physical Facilities 
Kelly Reeder, Academic Center for Excellence 
Lilith Richardson, Graduate School 
Pat Rodgers, ITS 
Joseph Schermann, Physical Facilities 
Dirk Small, Enrollment Services 
Greg Swisher, Physical Facilities 
Sherry Swisher, Parking Services 
Lauren Tallier, Enrollment Services 
Bernard Tunney, Physical Facilities 
Martha Warner, Enrollment Services 
Kaleema Webb, Physical Facilities 
Dianna White, Purchasing 
Carl Wilhite, Physical Facilities 
Diane Wyckoff, Career Services 

Congratulations to all award recipients. The Recognition and Rewards Committee will soon announce a call for nominations for the next award cycle. If you have any questions, please contact Vivian Senior at vsenior@unf.edu or 620-2955.