2008 Winter Excellence Award Recipients Announced 

 2008 Winter Soaring

Soaring to Excellence Awards 

Cheryl Campbell - Coggin College of Business (Pictured left)

Campbell successfully balances her own responsibilities in the Coggin College of Business while helping out in other areas that will benefit the University. She participates in many committees across campus and takes leadership roles, particularly in areas related to advising. As a mentor of an adviser for the Brooks College of Health Advising Department , she provided leadership and direction while that department searched for a new director. She basically did "double duty" in an effort to see to it that neither the students in the Brooks College of Health nor the ones in the Coggin College of Business suffered because of the staffing situation in the Brooks College of Health. Outside of the University, Campbell performs an untold number of liaison activities with junior college partners, as well as UNF's sister universities in the state system. She does not do it for the thanks, or the recognition or for anything else other than her own sense of accountability and her commitment to excellence.

Angela Graham - Treasurer's Office (Pictured right)

Graham is a valuable asset to the University and works extremely well with our associates and the student community. She volunteers to assist with tasks that are outside of the scope of her duties, resulting in timely and prompt transactions for Auxiliary Services. Her performance expectations exceed assignments because she just does not provide and answer; she follows through to ensure satisfaction and task completion, even when information exceeds the scope of her duties. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the work she produces. She takes a difficult situation and uses it as a learning tool to teach and educate the campus community about treasury concerns. Graham's commitment to the four guiding principles is centered around her attitude. She has an attitude of excellence, an attitude to take ownership of a very difficult situation and an attitude to assist and learn.

 2008 Winter Outstanding

Outstanding Achievement Awards 

Valarie Robinson - Career Services (Pictured right)

Robinson's commitment to excellence is evident in the delivery of her service. She is easy to work with, and shows enthusiasm concerning her work performance. She is dedicated to helping students and willingly goes above the call of duty to motivate and encourage students to accomplish their career goals. Feedback from students she has career counseled has always been very positive. She has received two Student Affairs Exemplary Educator Awards for creating a strong learning environment outside of the classroom and has received outstanding performance evaluations on an annual basis for more than seven years. Robinson has served on various search committees and has developed collaborative working relationships with the College of Arts and Sciences and other UNF organizations. Her work performance has been truly outstanding.

Tyran Lance - The Graduate School (Pictured left)

In all of Lance's communications with the different populations she serves, the constant feature has been her goal of providing the best possible customer service that she can give, and not being happy with just doing enough to get by. Her customer service skills are impeccable. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that people are getting what they need in a prompt and courteous manner. She receives many compliments and sincere thanks from her satisfied customers. She is punctual, accurate, conscientious, efficient and professional in her demeanor and performance. Lance is involved with several University committees and is dedicated to serving the institution in any capacity that she can. She feels that it is her duty to give back to UNF for the opportunity that UNF has given her.

 2008 Winter Quality

Quality Customer Service Award 

The Graduate School (Pictured left to right: Ron Delucia, Kiersten Jarvis, Nicola Porter, Lilith Richardson, Tyran Lance, Amy Bishop and Keith Martin)

The Graduate School goes the extra mile to make sure that all of their constituents are happy and pleased with the quality of the customer service they are receiving. They are dedicated to doing the best possible job that they can do, and they achieve this with a limited number of staff. They pride themselves on working quickly to process applications and work closely with fellow offices on campus to achieve their goals and objectives of admitting quality students to the graduate programs of UNF. They also have an vested interest in getting involved in any matters on campus that concern graduate students. The dean and the director make a point of listening closely to feedback and then incorporating those suggestions into immediate action. The Graduate School is known around campus for being an office that dedicates itself to a high level of customer service.

Spot Award Recipients

The following award recipients were "spotted" providing quality service, internal or external to their departments, which will have a lasting positive effect on students, faculty, staff or visitors:

Julia Behler - Thomas G. Carpenter Library

Pam Bush - University Center

Marcia Byerly - Physical Facilities

Karla Calliste-Edgar - Center for Professional Development and Training

Maria Castro - Career Services

Yara Cull - EOP

Ann Lelis - Career Services

Christy Linster - Physical Facilities

Nancy Locke - Student Affairs

Joy Magnon - Women's Center

Rachel Martin - Career Services

Paula Michael Dass - Career Services

Miwa Nguyen - Brooks College of Health

Jason Ottie - ITS

Valerie Reynolds - President's Office

Jitendra Rohatgi - Controller/Cashiers

The Recognition and Rewards Committee will soon announce a call for nominations for the next award cycle. If you have any questions, contact Vivian Senior at mailto:vsenior@unf.edu or ext. 2955.

Congratulations to all of the honorees!