2007 Winter Excellence Awards Recipients Announced 

 2007 Winter Soaring

Soaring to Excellence Awards 

Sandra "Angel" Cummings - Human Resources (Pictured right)

Angel Cummings has been a critical asset to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) during a time of change and transition. She reorganized OHR to make it more efficient and to provide a higher level of customer service. Cummings leads by example and manages her staff so they reach for their potential. Cummings' interpersonal skills and leadership abilities have enabled her to earn the respect of her staff and the campus community.

Wallace Harris - Physical Facilities (Not Pictured)

Wallace Harris was the mainstay in the overall design, development, and implementation of the campus energy-management monitoring system. This system has resulted in an approximately a 7 percent decrease in the University's energy costs. Wallace was an integral part of the transition to Physical Facilities' computerized maintenance management system, FAMIS. Wallace shares his knowledge by presenting and writing and also coordinates training opportunities for departmental staff.

Outstanding Achievement Awards 

Donna Oxford Communication (College of Arts and Science) (Pictured left)

Donna Oxford, with a nearly two-decade long record of excellence in her role as office manager, strengthens the quality of every facet of her department by the work she performs. Oxford is pro-active, volunteering to do something or making a suggestion that is spot-on in its timing and content. She has kept a complex organization on track and prospering through years of rapid growth, departmental restructuring and changes in leadership.

Amy Hines Child Development Research Center (Pictured center)

Known to the children of the Child Development Research Center (CDRC) as "Miss Amy," Hines has cultivated relationships with children for more than 17 years as a teacher at the CDRC. Along with teaching young children the essential curriculum to prepare them for success in school, Hines helps them learn about the well-being of one another and how to express themselves. Hines uses her expertise to mentor student volunteers and is a valuable resource to her colleagues.

 2007 Winter Quality

Quality Customer Service Award 

Career Services - Division of Student and International Affairs

Quality Customer Service is the key to success for many offices on campus, a mindset and expectation that stems from the top and permeates throughout the culture of the office. Career Services expresses this mindset throughout its interactions with students and colleagues.

To more effectively meet the career development needs of all UNF students, Career Services implemented its College Career Liaison program by assigning staff members to each of the five colleges and for undeclared majors. This model established liaisons to develop stronger working relationships with faculty, administrators and employers. These relationships resulted in greater awareness and utilization of career services, programs and resources.

During summer 2007, Career Services staff members reviewed all evaluations and surveys received from constituents regarding career services, programs and resources. In response to the feedback received, Career Services implemented a series of key initiatives that included the Comprehensive Outreach Program, "Career Wings" software system, the STAR (Skills to Achieve Results) Program, Career Discoveries Program and Peer Advisory Advisor Program.

Spot Award Recipients 

Joseph Allen, Student Medical Services
Dorothy Brasher, Human Resources
Maris Brien, Institutional Advancement
Tracey Britton, Library
Wrenettia Devoe, Human Resources
Linda Howell, COAS, English
Charles (Chuck) Hubbuch, Physical Facilities
Angela Lee, Controller's Office
Carlos Monell, COAS, Advising
Jennifer Neidhardt, Human Resources
JoAnn Orren, Human Resources
Jason Ottie, ITS, Network & User Services
Cynthia Valentine, Library


These award recipients have been spotted providing quality service, internal or external to their departments, which will have a lasting positive affect on students, faculty, staff or visitors.

Visit the Human Resources web page to learn more about the Excellence Awards. Congratulations to all of the honorees. They will receive additional recognition at the Excellence Awards Ceremony and Luncheon held during the Professional Development Forum Tuesday, April 1.

Congratulations to all of the honorees!