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HR Year-End Reminders (December 2020)

Winter Break Break Holidays

President Szymanski has given the campus community additional days off for the winter break. All support, law enforcement, administrative, nine- and 12-month faculty and executive services employees will receive paid holiday leave for winter break, beginning Tuesday, Dec. 22, through Friday, Jan. 1, 2021. December 25 and January 1 are considered regular holidays, but the additional winter break days can also be recorded as “Regular Holiday” for those employees completing timesheets. (A&P and other exempt employees do not need to record the holidays on their timesheets.)
Normal campus operations will resume Saturday, Jan. 2.  

2021 Benefit Deductions

Benefit deductions for the 2021 plan year will be reflected in the paycheck dated December 4, 2020, with the exception of Flexible Spending and Health Savings Account deductions, which will be reflected in the January 15, 2021 paycheck. Please review your deductions carefully and notify Human Resources of any discrepancies.  

Annual Leave Rollover

Annual leave hours in excess of the year-end maximums will roll into sick leave hours, hour-for-hour, as of December 31, 2020. Year-end maximums are 240 hours for Support employees and 352 hours for A&P employees/12-month faculty. 

Employee Leave Use

Employees who have resigned from the university cannot remain on payroll and run down their Annual Leave balance. Employees may not be carried on the payroll beyond the last official day on the job, which must be a day of work, not a day of leave or university holiday. In certain situations, related to an employee’s disability, the employee may be eligible to remain on payroll until sick leave is exhausted. Please note that payouts for accrued leave balances will be made in accordance with HR Policy 4.0120P, Hours of Work, Benefits and Leave Requirements. In other words, they will be paid in a lump sum for Annual Leave, but they will not be able to stay on payroll until it runs out.

Employee Exit Checklist

Human Resources would like to remind supervisors that an employee exit checklist should be completed before an employee's last day of employment. The completion of page two of the form will ensure employee and department obligations are fulfilled and UNF-owned equipment, Pcards, uniforms, keys, library materials and other items have been returned to the University.  The date listed on the term PAF should be the last date that the employee worked, and it should not be a day of leave or a university holiday. 


Employment Offers/Salary Confirmations

Departments are required to consult with Human Resources prior to extending or communicating any A&P or Support Staff job offers, including offers above the advertised rate.  Additionally, Human Resources must review salary changes and provide final approval before any changes are communicated to employees. 


Forms/Reference Guides/Manuals

Please use the latest versions located on the Human Resources website and discard or update those that have been downloaded or saved to your desktop.


Jeanne Clery Act Annual Security Report

Schools covered by the Clery Act are required to publish an Annual Security Report (ASR). The report is available online via the Clery Act Reporting webpage, or a paper copy may be requested in Human Resources, J.J. Daniel Hall, Building 1, Room 1101.

Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage in Florida will increase to $8.65 per hour, effective January 1, 2021 ($5.63 per hour for tipped employees.)  An hourly rate increase will be automatically applied to employees currently making minimum wage. 

No Subcontracting or Hiring Out Job Responsibilities

As a reminder, no faculty or staff member may subcontract or “hire out” portions of their University responsibilities to others outside of the University’s employment without first getting approval from their supervisor and Human Resources.  For example, a faculty member may not pay a friend on the side to help manage Canvas content without approval.  Allowing a third party to perform job responsibilities without approval is not permitted even if the person volunteers to do the work for free. 


Circumventing University hiring processes could potentially cause several issues, such as the following:

  • Creating potential personal liability against you, and the University, under wage and hour laws;
  • Violating statutory background check requirements;
  • Violating privacy laws like FERPA;
  • Causing IT Security issues by sharing network credentials or giving unauthorized individuals to network or system resources.

If a faculty or staff member finds themselves in a situation in which they need additional support, we encourage them to speak with their supervisor first, and then Human Resources if approved at the supervisor level, regarding the ability to engage additional resources.

OPS Positions End Date Requirement 

Effective January 2021, all OPS employees will be required to have a position end date no later than one year from their hire date. Current OPS employees with no end date will be assigned a position end date of one year from their hire date or their anniversary date. Supervisors will begin receiving automated email notifications of their OPS and Student/OPS employee’s approaching position end date with guidance on next steps. Departments will need to submit a reemployment EPAF for any OPS or Student/OPS employee who will continue working in the position set to end, to avoid a lapse in employment. For more information please visit


OPS Terminations

In the event an OPS employee ceases work prior to the submitted position end date, or separates from the University, a termination PAF should be routed for signature and submitted to Human Resources, so that the job and employee records can be ended in the Banner system. Please indicate in the PAF comments if an OPS employee is separating from the University.


Payroll Processing Requirement

When hiring, departments must not allow any new employee (including all OPS, Student OPS, and those on Service Contracts) to begin work until the new employee has processed for payroll in Human Resources.  If hiring, or rehiring an individual after a break in service, please be sure to send them to Human Resources to process BEFORE they begin working.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure. 

New employees (or those returning after a break in service) are required to provide valid and unexpired personally identifiable documents that will be used to complete the I-9 Employment Verification Form.

  • To verify Identity, you must bring a valid unexpired photo identification card (e.g., driver's license, passport, etc.)
  • To verify work eligibility, you must bring your original social security card, original birth certificate, unexpired passport, or another combination of acceptable documents (see link below for full list of documents).

Please reference the List of Acceptable Documents for a complete list of documents you can bring to complete your I-9.


*International employees need to complete extra steps prior to visiting Human Resources for payroll processing. Please review the HR International Employees webpage for more information. 

Presidential Excellence Awards

The Presidential Excellence Awards Committee is accepting nominations for the fall awards cycle. Nominate a colleague or department for one of the following:

  • Presidential Excellence Award
  • Presidential Quality Customer Service Award
  • Presidential Spot Award

Recipients will be recognized at the annual Presidential Recognition Awards Ceremony during the Professional Development Forum next spring. The nomination deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Required Language for Position Advertisements

To ensure the University’s recruitment and employment procedures are applied consistently, this is a reminder to campus hiring officials to reference the requirements for position advertisements outside of the University’s OASys hiring module. All external position advertisements must include the following:

  • You must apply online at and submit all required documents to be considered an applicant for this position. UNF is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access/Affirmative Action Institution.

To review additional guidelines and language requirements for external advertisements, visit the HR Hiring Department Resources webpage and select the appropriate position type (e.g., administrative staff, support staff). 


Re-employment After Retirement

Effective July 1, 2010 Florida Statute changed the provisions under which a retiree, which by statutory definition can occur at any age, may be reemployed at an FRS participating employer. 


Florida Statute, Chapter 121, defines a retiree as:

  • A person who has received any benefits, regardless of age, under the FRS Pension Plan (FPP), including DROP, or
  • A person who has taken a distribution, regardless of age, including a rollover or withdrawal, from the FRS Investment Plan (FIP), or
  • A person who has taken a distribution of employer contributions, regardless of age, including a rollover or withdrawal, from the State University System Optional Retirement Program (SUSORP), or
  • A person who has taken a distribution of employer contributions, regardless of age, including a rollover or withdrawal, from any other optional retirement plan offered by the State of Florida.
  • A retiree may not be employed, in any capacity*, for 6 calendar months after their retirement or distribution (withdrawal) date. A retiree may be employed during the 7th – 12th calendar months after their retirement or distribution (withdrawal) date provided the retiree ceases receiving retirement benefits during these months. After 12 months there are no State of Florida restrictions on reemployment. *Capacity includes contractual services such as contractor and staffing agency.

Please note, FRS retirees may not provide paid or unpaid services, which includes volunteering, to FRS participating employers or be employed by a private company to provide service to FRS participating employers during the first six (6) calendar months after their (a) Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) termination date, (b) service retirement effective date, or (c) distribution (for defined contribution plans) date.


Timesheet Approvers and Proxies

All timesheet approvers are required to set up a proxy who can approve timesheets in their absence.  If you are designated as a proxy approver, you should never approve your own timesheet.  If you are approving time as a proxy and there is no other proxy who can approve your timesheet, please contact Human Resources at x2903. 


Workers' Compensation

In the event of a medical emergency, an injured employee should immediately be transported to the nearest medical facility for treatment and AmeriSys (UNF’s workers’ compensation administration partner) should be notified as soon as possible thereafter.  All other injuries, regardless of whether treatment is sought, should be reported to the immediate supervisor, then contact AmeriSys.  Also, please visit UNF's Environmental Health and Safety website to complete an accident investigation form following any injury.  Click HR Worker's Compensation for detailed information.  


Concerns and Issues

For Title IX/Discrimination concerns, visit the Equal Opportunity & Inclusion webpage or call extension 2507.


For Employee Relations concerns, please call extension 2981.