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Performance Appraisals

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the performance appraisal process is to allow each support (USPS) and administrative (A&P) employee, and their supervisor, to reflect on the employee's achievement of job activities and demonstration of core work competencies for the period under review, as well as help the employee prepare for successful performance and career development going forward. In order to carry out this process, the performance appraisal form is completed annually for each support and administrative employee. This form is the official tool for supervisors to document their employee's past performance and future expectations in consultation with the employee. The performance appraisal also serves as the official record supporting personnel decisions such as salary increases, promotions, probation, or termination.

Frequency and Timing

Support employees are to complete a probationary performance appraisal prior to six months of employment. Support employees will then be evaluated by their supervisors prior to the anniversary of the employee's hire date, and will then be evaluated by their supervisors once a year coinciding with the employee's hire date.

Administrative employees employees are to be evaluated once a year, for the period ending April 30th, prior to A&P employment contracts being signed.

Performance Appraisal Procedure

  1. The supervisor reviews the most recent position description (PD) for the employee being evaluated to ensure the PD is accurate and current.
  2. The supervisor completes the Performance Appraisal Form (located on the HR forms webpage), referring to the PD and other supporting information (e.g., mission, vision, values, goals).
  3. The supervisor provides a copy of the completed form to the employee.
  4. The supervisor schedules a time to meet with the employee to review the form together.
  5. Based on feedback from the employee, the supervisor can make changes to the form.
  6. The supervisor solicits comments that the employee would like included to the appraisal and adds the comments to the "Additional Employee Comments" section of the appraisal form.
  7. The supervisor signs and provides a final copy of the form to the employee for their signature.
  8. The supervisor gives the form to their supervisor for signature and returns the form to Human Resources.

For questions about performance appraisals, please contact Lavonne Frison, in the Office of Human Resources at (904) 620-2914