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HR Mid-Year Reminders (June 2018)

Support Staff Personal Holiday

Support employees with regular status who have not used their personal holiday during the current fiscal year must use it no later than June 30th. If you are not sure if you used your personal holiday, log into “Employee Self Service” and click on “Time Off Current Balances and History.” An available balance of hours under Personal Holiday indicates the personal day has not been used.

Address Verification and Updates

Please verify the accuracy of your home address on your next paycheck statement. The address on record is used for numerous important communications. To change your address, log into “Employee Self-Service,” click on the “Personal Information” tab and click on “Update Address.” Please update the Permanent or “PR” address choice.

Background Checks - Employment

In support of the University’s effort to maintain and foster safety and security of students, faculty, and staff, the University requires pre-employment criminal background checks pursuant to the Florida Statute 435.04 for all prospective faculty and staff hires and promotions. Volunteers and Students are generally exempt from background checks unless special conditions apply, related to Positions of Trust. Additionally, any current employee who occupies a Position of Trust as defined in UNF Background Checks Regulation 4.0080R, will be required to successfully undergo a Level 2 background check as a condition of continued employment in such a position.

Background Check Notice - Faculty 

Faculty members whose assigned duties, including scholarly activity, result in them being designated as occupying a “Position of Trust” are required to complete a background check pursuant to Florida law. Faculty positions with the following types of duties have been determined to be a Position of Trust:

Faculty working with a person under the age of eighteen (18) who is not enrolled or accepted for enrollment at UNF, or faculty whose responsibilities require unsupervised or significant access to vulnerable populations. Examples of settings with vulnerable populations include child care centers, summer camps for minors and pre-college or enrichment programs. All faculty members who fit this definition of “Positions of Trust” must self-report this information by sending an email to


Campus Alert System

The Campus Alert System allows campus administrators to send faculty and staff an automatic voicemail when an urgent situation on campus arises, therefore employees are asked to provide their contact information. You may enter this information by logging into “Employees Self Service,” click on the “Personal Information” tab and click on “Campus Emergency Alert System.”


Disclosure of Outside Activity

Employees working outside of the University of North Florida, or those who are engaged in outside activities where the need to verify that no conflict of interest exists (this includes additional employment within UNF), are reminded that a new Outside Activity Report must be completed and approved for year 2018 – 2019.


Emergency Contact Information

Employees are reminded to verify the accuracy of their emergency contact information by logging into “Employee Self Service.” Click on the “Personal Information” tab and click on “View Emergency Contacts.” If your emergency contact person has changed or you wish to add an additional contact, please make the necessary updates.


Employee Exit Checklist

When an employee is separating employment from UNF or is transferring internally to a new department, supervisors must complete the Employee Exit Checklist form to ensure the employee returns all UNF equipment and property, and to remove access to computer systems.


Employment Offers/Salary Confirmations

Departments are required to consult with Human Resources prior to extending any A&P or Support Staff job offers above the advertised rate. Additionally, Human Resources must review salary changes and provide final approval before any changes are communicated to employees.


Forms/Reference Guides/Manuals

Please use the latest versions located on the Human Resources website and discard or update those that have been downloaded or saved to your desktop.


Jeanne Clery Act Annual Security Report

Schools covered by the Clery Act are required to publish an Annual Security Report (ASR). The report is available online, or a paper copy may be requested in the office of human resources, Daniel Hall, Building 1, Room 1101.

New Employee Orientation

The Office of Human Resources has designed a University-wide orientation for new employees. It is required for all budgeted and full-time OPS employees to attend. If a part-time position is designated as a Responsible Employee or Campus Security Employee, attendance at New Employee Orientation is required.


OPS Terminations

When an OPS employee’s assignment is complete, a termination PAF should be routed for signature and submitted to human resources, so that the job can be ended in the system.


Payroll Processing Requirement 

When hiring, departments must not allow any new employee (including all OPS and Student Employees) to begin work until the new employee has processed for payroll in the Office of Human Resources. If hiring or rehiring a Student, please be sure to send them to HR to process in before they begin working. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure. The following “original” documents are required:

  • Photo identification (driver’s license, state ID, school ID, military ID, passport, etc.)
  • Social security card or birth certificate; or unexpired passport
  • Voided personal check (for direct deposit)


Public Records Exemptions

With the exception of social security numbers and medical information, employee personnel records are generally public record and must be released in response to a public records request. However, there are statutory exemptions that make home addresses and personal phone numbers exempt from disclosure based on certain situations for employees, their spouses and parents.


The Office of Human Resources captures this information at the point of hire; however, the University encourages current employees to periodically review the exemptions to determine if a change in employment or spouse's employment may make home address information exempt from disclosure. The exemptions can be reviewed here. If your exemption status has changed, complete the form and forward to Human Resources by email or campus mail, Daniel Hall, Building 1, Room 1000.


Re-employment After Retirement

Effective July 1, 2010 Florida Statutes changed the provisions under which a retiree, which by statutory definition can occur at any age, may be reemployed at an FRS participating employer. Click here for more information.


Timesheet Approvers and Proxies

All timesheet approvers are required to set up a proxy who can approve timesheets in their absence. If you are designated as a proxy approver, you should never approve your own timesheet. If you are approving time as a proxy and there is no other proxy who can approve your time, please contact human resources at x2903.


Workers’ Compensation

In the event of a medical emergency, an injured employee should immediately be transported to the nearest medical facility for treatment and AmeriSys (UNF’s workers’ compensation administration partner) should be notified a soon as possible thereafter. All other injuries, regardless of whether treatment is sought, should be reported to and coordinated through AmeriSys. Click here for detailed information.


Concerns and Issues

For Discrimination and Title IX concerns, click here or call extension 2507.
For Employee and Labor Relations concerns, please call extension 2981.