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Personal Wellness

Your personal wellness is always important. When you keep yourself well, you feel less stressed, and are able to complete tasks to the best of your ability.

There are many different areas of personal wellness that can help you stay refreshed, raring and ready to go! Check out the different areas below.


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Personal Wellness Series: Fitness - getting in a good workout whether it's rock climbing or taking a zumba, swimming or dancing class will help you feel good in order to conquer your tasks!


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Mental Health

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Personal Wellness Series: Mental Health - Be yourself. Do what you love. Give back to your community. Realize your full potential. Help others. Connect with people. Get a good night's sleep. Stay positive!


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Physical Wellness

Wellness physical student health services on campus resource - people biking on a path


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Spiritual Health

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Personal Wellness Series: Spiritual Health - Stay refreshed! Always remember to take a break and refresh your mind and soul with the things you love. This way you can better focus on your studies and your personal wellness


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Healthy Eating

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Personal Wellness Series: Healthy Eating - Eating a healthy and balanced meal can make you feel good about your day. Don't forget that cupcake every once in a whine. Always remember to take care of yourself!


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