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Flyers for the Residential Community

*In order to promote sustainability and reduce physical contact with items, we are not accepting requests nor approving physical flyers in the residential communities. We are accepting digital flyers to be advertised to the residents that meet the following approval guidelines:

Approval Guidelines

  1. Only University departments and recognized organizations in good standing are permitted to have digital flyers/advertisements disseminated to the residential communities.
  2. Residents, organizations or departments may not distribute physical or electronic materials directly within the communities as it is handled exclusively by HRL staff.
  3. Outside agencies or companies are prohibited from posting and/or soliciting within the residential communities.
  4. No items may be hung or displayed outside of a window or anywhere in a building or its adjacent structures (porch, rails, etc.).
  5. Flyers may not contain profanity, lewd or obscene conduct, or any reference to or support of blatant violations of the Code of Student Conduct and/or Resident Handbook's outlined policies.
  6. Recommended file formats for electronic flyers/advertisements are .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. Electronic flyers/advertisements should be formatted in high resolution/image quality. 
  7. We recommend submitting electronic flyers/advertisements for approval at least 2 weeks prior to the initial date listed for the event/initiative. Otherwise, the electronic flyer/advertisement may not be promoted in time. 
  8. The Department of Housing & Residence Life has the right to refuse any advertising that does not support the goals and objectives of the department or the University community.
  9. Any item posted or distributed improperly through physical or electronic means will be removed and the individual(s) or group(s) responsible is subject to sanctions by Housing & Residence Life and/or appropriate department/office.

Material Dissemination Procedures

  1. All documents must be approved by an Assistant Director of Residence Life. 
  2. Person(s) or organization(s) seeking approval must submit the electronic proof of the flyer/advertisement as well as a brief description of the flyer and representative(s)’s contact information (email address and phone number) to the main Housing & Residence Life email account at
  3. A Housing & Residence Life representative will notify you if the flyer/advertisement is approved, needs modifications or is denied within three business days. 
  4. If there are document concerns, a Housing & Residence Life representative will contact the person(s) or organization(s) requesting flyer/advertisement approval.