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UNF Housing and Residence Life Complaint / Compliment / Concern Form

It is Housing and Residence Life's commitment to serve our students exceptionally well. In doing so, every effort will be made to contact you regarding your complaint within 2 business days of your submission. All submissions will be sent on the Senior Director of Housing and Residence Life (or designee) for review and follow-up.


If you have immediate needs regarding safety or health, please contact the University Police Department by phone at (904) 620-2800 or by e-mail at


We look forward to working with you!


Note: This form is not appropriate to report behavioral concerns. For behavior you find to be concerning and want the SOS Committee to be aware of please make a referral.


Note: This form is not appropriate to report Code of Conduct Violations. Please utilize the Conduct Referral Report.


Note: This form is not appropriate to submit a request for removal or reduction of non-rental rate charges made to a student account. Please utilize the Housing Petition Form.

Reporter Information


Reporter's Full Name:

Reporter's Title (Your affiliation to UNF): 

Reporter's N Number (If applicable): 

Reporter's Phone Number (Preferred contact #): 

Reporter's Email Address (Preferred e-mail): 

Reporter’s Address (On-campus address if applicable; if not, actual physical address):   



Nature / Location / Date & Time  

Nature of Report:
Location of Incident (please be specific): 
Date of Incident:
Time of Incident (specify AM or PM):



Involved Parties 

If known, please provide the following information for each involved party:

Name, N Number, Gender, Role in Incident, DOB, Phone number, E-mail Address, Address


EX: Ozzie Osprey, N00000000





1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224


Information About Your Complaint / Concern / Compliment / Other

We believe providing a mechanism for complaints, concerns or compliments allows us the opportunity to improve our services. Please provide as many details as possible using objective and concise language. Include names of the persons, locations and dates involved. If this feedback is person(s) specific, please list not only their name, but their title.

What attempts have you made to resolve this complaint? Please state who you have contacted, method of contact and what has transpired.

Why do you feel the complaint was not able to be resolved in your prior attempts?

What resolution would you consider fair? What resolution are you seeking?

If you are submitting a report on behalf of a current student, please select your affiliation to the student(s):

If you are not the student complainant, but are submitting this form on their behalf, is the student complainant aware of this submission?




By submitting this form you hereby attest that the above information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You will provide additional information and supporting documentation upon request.; you hereby authorize UNF and/or any of its representatives, to disclose the information submitted to the campus officials against which the complaint is filed.;
You understand that UNF may dismiss the complaint if an investigation determines that the complaint is without merit.;
You hereby affirm that you have executed this form either on your own behalf OR on behalf of the complainant for the specific purposes you describe.