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three residents talking and smiling in Osprey Cove

Osprey Cove

Constructed in 1997, Osprey Cove has many of the same features as Osprey Landing in which residents share a room and their own private bath. Osprey Cove's three building community is home to 18 Resident Assistants able to provide support and safety for UNF students.

The large (12' x 32') rooms exit to an outdoor covered walkway and feature built-in closets, central heat and air conditioning and movable hardwood furnishings. Rooms also offer a vanity-sink and a small counter space in which students may add their own microwave and efficiency size refrigerator. Students must provide their own television and computer equipment to access, data and cable service.

Other features of the brick complex include a laundry room in each building. This building also has covered walkways on each floor and lounges on every level with televisions, cooking facilities and a second-story sun deck to provide space for community activities. This complex has triangular shaped courtyards with lush landscaping. Outdoor swings, tables, and benches also provide relaxation areas in the community.

Osprey Cove is the closest building to the Osprey Clubhouse. Students have only a short swoop to Osprey Commons as well. Osprey Cove is south of the Village Complex. Osprey Cove is located between Kernan Boulevard and the I-295 exit adjacent to St. Johns Town Center.


Double Room

Double room floorplan layout

Triple Room

Triple room floorplan layout

Persons with disabilities who need additional assistance reading the floorplan, please contact the Housing and Residence Life office at (904) 620 - 4663.

Osprey Cove Rates

Summer B 2019 (per person/per semester)
Room Rate
Furnished Space Double Occupancy $1,160
Furnished Space Triple Occupancy $1,000
Furnished Space Private Occupancy $1,980
Fall 2018/Spring 2019 and Fall 2019/Spring 2020 (per person/per semester)
Room Rate
Furnished Space Double Occupancy $2,900
Furnished Space Triple Occupancy $2,500
Furnished Space Private Occupancy $4,950

*Fall 2019/Spring2020 and Summer 2019 Rates are Anticipated-Pending Approval

Osprey Cove Features

*These items are approximations as each room varies.

Osprey Cove Images

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  • Osprey Cove Room with a female student sitting on her bed.
  • Two students hanging out doing their laundry in the Osprey Cove Laundry Room.
  • Two residents with smiles on their faces studying and cooking a meal in the Kitchen/Dining Area
  • Three residents having an engaging conversation in the Osprey Cove Floor Lounge.
  • Three residents standing and talking outside in the Osprey Cove Picnic Area.
  • Osprey Cove Double room with two beds and two windows. Residents in the Osprey Cove Courtyard


Procedures and Standards

Fire Alarm Procedures

animated fire

During ALL Fire Alarms, all students and guests MUST leave the building immediately. Students are not to re-enter the building until instructed to do so by Housing and Residence Life staff or the University Police Department. Students and guests refusing to vacate or returning before they are told to do so by a University Official are subject to disciplinary action and/or a fine from the police.

Cove Residents should evacuate towards Parking Lot 11, the Clubhouse, or to the Village Basketball courts.

View Fire Exit Map

Cleaning Standards

animated cleaning materials

Residents are to have their rooms thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the established cleaning standards. If a room is not cleaned to the outlined standards, all residents of the room may be held equally responsible for the charges associated with the extra cleaning. Failure to thoroughly clean the room to the specified standards will result in a minimum of $50 cleaning fee for each area (i.e. living area, bath area).

Clean all common areas of your room. These areas must be cleaned by the time the FIRST resident in your room checks-out. These areas must remain clean throughout the check-out period. Otherwise, your check-out may be delayed and/or result in cleaning charges.


The carpet in the room must be thoroughly vacuumed.

Bathroom Area

The bathtub must be clean, with all mold, mildew and hard water or soap scum stains removed. The tile walls are to be cleaned completely free of mildew, soap scum, and stains. The tiles are to be shiny with no residue remaining. The outer surface of the toilet bowl is to be cleaned, and the inside of the bowl is to be free from stains. The bathroom floor and baseboards are to be mopped and cleaned. The sink and counter of the vanity area are to be cleaned, with all hair, soap scum and stains removed. The mirror is to be cleaned with glass cleaner and is not to be cloudy. The interior and exterior of any medicine cabinets are to be cleaned.

Cleaning of Housing Furnishings

The interior and exterior of the desk, dresser, chairs and bed frame are to be cleaned and wiped dry so that dirt and dust are removed.

Cleaning of Walls, Window, and Door Surfaces

The baseboards in the room are to be wiped down. Walls are to be cleaned as to remove any tape, dirt, or marks. Spider webs are to be removed from ceiling areas. Room blinds, windows, and windowsills are to be cleaned. Both sides of the room door must be cleaned of all tape residue marks.

Removal of Trash and Garbage

All trash, personal belongings and garbage must be removed from the room.

Osprey Cove Programs

Stay up-to-date on your residence hall programs. Visit the Osprey Cove calendar.

Osprey Cove Staff

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator

Becki Tankson Headshot

Becki Tankson joined the UNF family in July 2017. Becki earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Western Illinois University, and she is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree in Higher Education Administration here at UNF. During her undergraduate years, Becki was involved as a Resident Assistant and as a Summer Orientation Leader. Becki is passionate about having a positive impact on students and promoting diversity. In her free time, Becki loves petting dogs, going to concerts, watching hockey, and eating sweets.


Student Staff Members

Osprey Cove resident Student staff members

Student Staff Members of Osprey Cove.


Osprey Clubhouse

(24-Hour Welcome Desk)

(904) 620-4999