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Basic Theme Housing

What is Theme Housing?

Theme Housing is a program established to promote a direct link between residential and extracurricular life for students at the University of North Florida. It is designed to provide students who have common extracurricular interests the opportunity to live together in campus housing while fulfilling a common goal. A Theme Housing program increases students' opportunities to connect and learn from each other. Up to 50 students to live together on campus centered around a common theme for the academic year.

Current Theme Housing Options

  • Transfer Living Community
  • Gender Inclusive Housing Experience


The THRIVE Theme Housing Community is for current UNF students enrolled in Project Thrive & are registrered through the DRC. The purpose of the THRIVE community is to provide young adults with Asperger's the opportunity to have a full college experience by residing on campus with UNF Housing and Residence Life. Students in the THRIVE community live in Osprey Fountains House 18.

As a member of the THRIVE Community, students will:

  • Build close relationships/friendships with other THRIVE students and the great UNF community
  • Develop essential skills to independent living
  • Be provided support through the THRIVE mentorship program

Students wishing to join the THRIVE community must be registered through the Disability Resource Center. All placement decisions are made by the DRC.

To learn more about the THRIVE community contact the DRC at and/or visit for more information about the service provided through the DRC.

Transfer Living Community

The Transfer Living Community (T.L.C.) is A Theme Community that allows transfer students to connect, integrate and engage in the University of North Florida lifestyle in a new way. This community will promote educational activities as well as social activities to ensure a successful transition for transfer students as they get connected to tools for academic success and professional success while attending UNF.

Learn more about the Transfer Living Community by visiting the T.L.C. website.

Gender Inclusive Housing Experience

The Gender Inclusive Housing Experience (GIHE) is one of several gender-inclusive housing options offered at the University of North Florida. GIHE is intended to be a safe, inclusive, comfortable and supportive community for people of all gender identities and expressions. This community supports students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming in choosing (or being placed with) a roommate of any gender.

Learn more about Gender Inclusive Housing at UNF by visiting the GIH website.