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Transfer Living Community (TLC) Experience:

The primary goal of the Transfer Living Community (T.L.C.) is to allow transfer students to connect, integrate, and engage in the University of North Florida lifestyle in a new way. This community will promote educational activities as well as social activities. T.L.C. will provide transfer students with tools for academic success and professional success while attending UNF via transfer seminars. By creating a rooted foundation that promotes strong social functions, fosters a career going culture, and supports fiscal responsibility, the outcome will be an increase in students’ persistence, retention and graduation rates. 




  • Increase knowledge of and connect to the resources and services available within and outside of the UNF community
  • Develop knowledge of campus organizations and how to become involved
  • Broaden involvement in campus events and activities
  • Create a lasting network of peers with a similar transition experience


Applicant Requirement:
  • Participants are students who are full-time and within their first year of transfer to UNF. Eligible students include students matriculating to UNF in Summer 2017 or Fall 2017.

Anticipated Events based on current connections with departments and campus resources – examples include:
  • Tommy G. Library - resources and use knowledge
  • Writing Center – writing skills
  • Career Services – career path assistance, job fair preparation, internships
  • Advising offices – academic compass / map
  • One Stop – Scholarship opportunities
  • Peer social group events – welcome events, clubs & organizations, meet and greets, orientation to university


Who to Contact:

Mr. Marc Berkovits
Assistant Director of Recruitment