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S.T.E.M. Living-Learning Community

STEM living-learning community of students together in a classroom
The S.T.E.M. Living-Learning Community is for first-year students pursuing a degree in science (physics, chemistry or non-medical aspects of biology) technology (computing), engineering or math. This experience will assist students in navigating challenging first-year courses and in making life-long friendships.

As a participant in the STEM LLC, students can expect to receive intentional academic support within the community through advising, tutoring and organized study groups, as well as take part in fun, social opportunities being hosted by the LLC to help students further develop a sense of community with their peers. Students will hear from faculty, staff and professionals in the STEM disciplines to gain a better understanding of the various types of careers they can pursue. The community also helps students explore opportunities around STEM research and begin developing professional skills needed to succeed in a STEM career. 

Eligibility & Course Requirements

  • Complete the Housing Contract & LLC and Interest Housing Application
  • Must pursue one of the following STEM majors: physics, chemistry, or biology (ecology or coastal biology), computing, engineering, building, construction or math
  • Enroll in CGS 1990 LLC Seminar course for the fall term
  • Live in Osprey Crossings with S.T.E.M. LLC
  • Support/Attend Living-Learning Community events and programs

Recent Experiences Have Included:

  • STEM Olympics
  • Employer Showcase Specifically for STEM Companies
  • STEM Jeopardy
  • STEM Student Club Meet and Greet
  • Game Nights
  • TED Talks- Viewing and Discussion about STEM Topics

 Note: For students interested in the medical field, please consider our Pre-Med Living-Learning Community. For students interested in a healthcare career, please consider our Healthy Osprey Living-Learning Community.



Campus Partners & Who to Contact: 

The STEM LLC is a partnership with Housing and Residence Life, the College of Computing, Engineering & Construction, the College of Arts & Sciences and the Office of Undergraduate Studies.


Jeannie Jacobs

Sr. Academic Advisor, Academic Center for Excellence



Sheresa Divens

Coordinator for Educational Initiatives, Housing and Residence Life

(904) 620-5258


Sarah Friswold

Assistant Director, Housing and Residence Life