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The Osprey INSPIRE Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides a space for students who are interested in early childhood development, teaching and administration in the preschool environment, social work and criminal justice majors, and others to live and learn together in a supportive environment. The Osprey INSPIRE LLC partners UNF first year students with faculty mentors and helps students learn about careers and opportunities related to early childhood and early childhood education. Students will have the exciting opportunity to get involved in community service and research projects focused on early childhood development.

Eligibility and Course Requirements

  • Complete the Housing Contract & LLC and Interest Housing Application
  • Course TBD
  • Live in the designated community, Osprey Cove, in the Osprey INSPIRE LLC
  • Support/Attend Living-Learning Community events and programs

Program Learning Objectives

  1. Increase student awareness of the various career opportunities that involve working with and advocating for young children and families.
  2. Increase awareness of the on-campus learning opportunities at the UNF Preschool and the COEHS STEP Lab.
  3. Increase opportunities for undergraduate research and service-learning in early childhood.

Planned Opportunities

  • Volunteer hours at the UNF Preschool and COEHS STEP Lab




Campus Partners and Who to Contact

Katrina W. Hall, Associate Professor
Christian Winterbottom, Associate Professor
Mario Pickens, Assistant Professor
Hope Bess Wilson, Associate Professor
Meghan Parkinson, Assistant Professor