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LLC residents together and one raising their hand

Navigating the LLC Application

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are intentionally designed opportunities to enhance your education by expanding the "classroom" to include your residence hall and the greater Jacksonville community. Follow these detailed steps to Find Your Flock on campus!

Step 1: Review the LLCs

Step 2: Complete A Housing Contract

  • Click on “myHousing” and log in with your UNF N# and password
  • Fill out your UNF Housing contract for the upcoming Academic Year
  • There is a one-time $100.00 non-refundable, required processing fee

Step 3: Complete the LLC Application

  • Once your contract is submitted, select the Living-Learning Community (LLC) Application
  • Select your LLC preferences and respond to questions until submitted 

Step 4: Submit Your Lifestyle Preferences

  • After submitting the LLC application, you will be prompted to fill out the “lifestyle preferences” quiz to better match you with suitable roommates.
  • In this section, make sure to include your LLC preference when asked if you want to find a roommate in the same LLC. 

Step 5: Find A Roommate

  • To find a roommate use the Roommate Search feature on myHousing.
  • To find a roommate within the LLC adjust the LLC filter as needed.
  • Or, search for someone you know using their name or ID number. 

Step 6: Select A Room

  • You will take the lead on this process.
  • Room selection details and instructions will be sent out during the summer via your UNF email.
  • Note- it is required you live with the LLC in the same building and floor. 

Step 7: Save The Date

  • Living-Learning Communities move in early 
  • LLC Retreats are held 
  • There is a total cost of $50 for LLC Move-In. There are no other costs associated with the LLC. 

Step 8: Still Have Questions?

  • Still having trouble navigating the Housing Contract? Watch this step-by-step video.
  • Want to learn more about the Living-Learning Communities available? Visit the LLC program website.
  • Have specific questions about the Living-Learning Community program? Check out the LLC FAQ page