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Intercultural CommUnity

Living-Learning Community


The University of North Florida is committed to providing an accepting and welcoming environment for all Ospreys. The Intercultural CommUnity seeks to cultivate an inclusive residential experience for students wanting to learn more about their own social identities in the areas of race, ethnicity, culture, and worldviews. The Intercultural CommUnity strives to foster a brave space for residents of all backgrounds to share their unique experiences; by engaging in conversations and discussions, participants will strengthen their ability to function in an intercultural world. Residents choosing to live in the Intercultural CommUnity must be willing to explore their identities and differences, as well as, learn about what it means to engage in dialogue across differences. This community is open to all students and is co-sponsored by the Department of Diversity Initiatives.

Intercultural CommUnity Learning Objectives

Residents will:

  • develop awareness, knowledge, and skills about identity, equity, diversity and inclusion
  • engage in activities and workshops that focus on personal identity development, holistic health and wellness, service & leadership, community engagement
  • receive mentorship through the Connections Mentoring Program, attend events and create lifelong friendships
  • connect with various offices and staff members across campus to provide academic, social and cultural support services


  1. To empower students to create an intentional, diverse living community where all participants feel valued and affirmed.
  2. To contribute to a more inclusive and welcoming campus.
  3. To prepare students as equity-minded global citizens.
  4. To support students in building interpersonal relationships and skills.

Community Expectations

  • Students are expected to sign the Intercultural CommUnity LLC agreement.
  • No course is required, however, it is suggested for students to enroll in CRN: 86549 ENC1143 3 (GW) Evidence and Style 08-23 through 12-17, T R 3:05 - 4:20
  • Students will attend various events, which will include team-building exercises, peer-led activities and intergroup dialogues.
  • The Intercultural CommUnity LLC Retreat will occur the Friday prior to the start of fall semester classes. Community members must attend.


If you have questions regarding the Intercultural CommUnity, contact the Department of Diversity Initiatives at The Department of Diversity Initiatives offers events, programs, services and resources to support marginalized students. Please visit the DDI website for more information.