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Living-Learning Community

Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, and Development

 students enjoying time together learning and building community  

WHO: Students entering their second year of college or above live in the Honors L.E.A.D. Community. The L.E.A.D. community is designed for Hicks Honor College students who want to explore their leadership potential, expand their social network and engage in the surrounding Jacksonville community.

WHAT you can expect:

  • Enrich your leadership skills
  • Lead as innovators for the Hicks Honors College events
  • Build relationships with prospective Honors students
  • Serve as a mentor and positive role model to first-year Hicks Honors College students
  • Explore the art of conversation with UNF faculty 


WHERE: Osprey Fountains

WHEN: Second year of college and above

WHY you should live in LEAD: We ask LEAD members themselves and this is what they had to say…


Honors lead students working together

“I really enjoyed living in LEAD over the last few years! It was a great place to live with people you know. There are also really fun events in LEAD. I would keep living here if I didn’t have to graduate.”
Twyla Tucker

“I absolutely love living in LEAD! It is really nice that I get to live with all of the friends that I made in freshmen year. And the Fountains is such an amazing place to live. The events that LEAD puts on help to strengthen the sense of community that is unique to Honors.”
Becca Roberts

“I love living in the LEAD community because of the friendly and welcoming environment. We are a very close group of like-minded individuals who have a ton of fun!”
Katie Wright

“LEAD offers the opportunity to remain engaged with Honors while having an amazing time. Personally if I had the chance to live somewhere else I wouldn’t take it. LEAD is my home and I’ll never forget my time.”
Zach Miller