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Honors L.E.A.D. Living-Learning Community

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The Honors L.E.A.D. Living-Learning Community (LLC) offers upper-class Hicks Honors College students a supportive and engaging environment living with other students interested in building friendships, learning from others and developing an intercultural community. This community is focused on building community across the LLC, Hicks Honors College, UNF, Jacksonville and the world through partnering on programming with the Hicks Honors College and our sister LLC for first year students, engaging in service projects in the community, and by including both Hicks Honors students and international students in the community. Located in Osprey Fountains, LLC participants will get to know fellow students, faculty and staff who share and support the personal, professional and academic success of the L.E.A.D. LLC students during their time in the community.

Eligibility & Course Requirements

  • Complete the Housing Contract & LLC and Interest Housing Application
  • Be in good standing with the UNF Hicks Honors College* or be an international student
  • Support/Attend Living-Learning Community events and programs
  • Live in Osprey Fountains, with L.E.A.D. LLC

*There is no course requirement for students living-in the Honors L.E.A.D. Living-Learning Community. All upper-class students in the Hicks Honors College from any major may join the community.

Program Objectives

As a member of the Honors L.E.A.D. LLC you will:

  • Experience a fun-filled and socially focused community with other upper-class Honors students
  • Develop relationships with faculty, staff, alumni and upperclassmen to strengthen personal, professional and academic experiences
  • mutual sharing of culture with Honors students and international students – Honors students sharing UNF and American culture with the international students and international students sharing their cultures with the honors students
  • Enrich the L.E.A.D. LLC environment through student led events and programs
  • Connect with the UNF and Jacksonville community through student-led projects as the community chooses
  • Field trips to local points of interest 

Recent Experiences Have Included:

  • Game, craft and movie nights
  • Volunteering and donation drives for the local animal shelter, HerSong JAX and the Sulzbacher Center
  • Thanksgiving potluck dinner with international students

LLC residents having fun while participating in activities together


"I really enjoyed living in LEAD over the last few years! It was a great place to live with people you know. There are also really fun events in LEAD. I would keep living here if I didn't have to graduate." - Twyla Tucker


"I absolutely love living in LEAD! It is really nice that I get to live with all of the friends that I made in freshmen year. And the Fountains is such an amazing place to live. The events that LEAD puts on help to strengthen the sense of community that is unique to Honors." - Becca Roberts


"I love living in the LEAD community because of the friendly and welcoming environment. We are a very close group of like-minded individuals who have a ton of fun!" - Katie Wright


"LEAD offers the opportunity to remain engaged with Honors while having an amazing time. Personally if I had the chance to live somewhere else I wouldn't take it. LEAD is my home and I'll never forget my time." - Zach Miller

Campus Partners & Who to Contact

The L.E.A.D. LLC is a partnership with Housing and Residence Life and The Hicks Honors College.

Leslie Kaplan

Director, Hicks Honors College

Sheresa Divens

Coordinator for Educational Initiatives, Housing and Residence Life

Amy Lorenz

Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life