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Honors Living-Learning Community

students hanging around the forrest with Honors LLC written on it

The Honors Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life and the Hicks Honors College to create a seamless transition between learning in and outside of the classroom for first-year Honors College students. Located in Osprey Crossings Q Building, students in the Honors LLC interact closely with other students and faculty to provide a well-rounded and engaging first-year Honors experience.

Eligibility & Course Requirements

  • Be accepted into the Hicks Honors College
  • Complete the Housing Contract & LLC and Interest Housing Application
  • Enroll in the Honors Colloquium course for the Fall semester
  • Live in Osprey Crossings, Q Building with Honors LLC students

Program Objectives

As a member of the Honors LLC you will:

  • Meet and live with other Honors students
  • Have the opportunity to interact with Faculty on an individual basis
  • Be provided with opportunities to get involved in the UNF community (i.e. student organizations, campus offices, etc.)

Campus Partners & Who to Contact

The Honors LLC is a partnership with Housing and Residence Life and The Hicks Honors College. For more details on the Hicks Honors College please visit their website at

Leslie Kaplan

Associate Director, Hicks Honors College

Sheresa Divens

Coordinator for Educational Initiatives, Housing and Residence Life

Sarah Friswold-Atwood

Assistant Director, Housing and Residence Life