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Coggin College of Business Living-Learning Community

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The Coggin College of Business Living-Learning Community (LLC) is for any first-year student who is interested in pursuing a career in business. Located in Osprey Crossings, LLC participants will have access to fellow students, faculty and staff who share and support your interest in being successful in your major/minor as a business student and future leader.

Eligibility & Course Requirements

  • Complete the Housing Contract & LLC and Interest Housing Application
  • UNF Advantage in Business - GEB 1990 -CRN 88101- 0 Wed 10:30-11:45 am
  • Live in Osprey Crossings with Coggin Business LLC
  • Support/Attend Living-Learning Community events and programs

Program Objectives

As a member of the Coggin Business LLC, the LLC will:

  • Introduce the 8 different majors in the Coggin College of Business
  • Ease the transition process into college by building essential competencies such as time management and critical thinking and introducing university resources such as tutoring, academic coaching, supplemental instruction, skill workshops and the library
  • Introduce components of the Coggin College of Business including Study Abroad, the Career Management Center, Academic Advising and other valuable resources
  • Explore different career opportunities and the necessary skills required in particular business fields
  • Engage with key Coggin leaders - faculty, staff, alums, upperclassmen - who can strengthen the educational experience
  • Create a community of students who share similar academic interests and professional goals
  • Build an environment where students can have fun while establishing an identity with the Coggin College of Business and the University of North Florida

Recent Experiences Have Included:

  • Early Move-In for Fall LLC Retreat
  • Dinner with the Dean of Coggin College of Business
  • Student created Lend-A-Wing Food Pantry donation drive
  • Professional Development workshops such as resume reviews, mock interviews and internship assistance
  • Study Abroad panel

Campus Partners & Who to Contact

The Coggin Business LLC is a partnership with Housing and Residence Life and the Coggin College of Business.

Jennifer Jackson

Director for Coggin College of Business Academic Advising

Sheresa Divens

Coordinator for Educational Initiatives, Housing and Residence Life

Amy Lorenz

Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life