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UNF Housing senior staff photo

Housing and Residence Life Staff

The Housing and Residence Life staff works together to provide an outstanding on-campus experience for you!


In collaboration with one another under the guidance of the Senior Director, the Associate Directors of Housing and Residence Life direct the day to day activities of Housing and Residence Life Office in two distinct areas: Operations and Residence Life. This includes oversight of the contract process, assignments and the overall condition of our residence halls, as well as engaging students in the residence halls, creating an inclusive residential environment and providing a safe home away from home.


The Residence Life staff is comprised mostly of Student Staff (LCAs and RAs) and Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs), who live with the residents in the halls. They are responsible for creating programs for their floor/community, counseling residents through roommate conflicts and policy enforcement.


Bob Boyle Headshot

Bob Boyle

Senior Director of Housing and Residence Life
Kristin Smith Headshot

Kristin Smith

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life
Amy Lorenz Headshot

Amy Lorenz

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life
Katie M Lewis headshot

Katie Lewis

Assistant Director of Residence Life
Kyle Patterson headshot

Kyle Patterson

Assistant Director of Housing Operations
Thea Scott headshot

Thea Scott

Coordinator of Housing Assignments
Steve Crews Headshot

Steve Crews

Assistant Director of Facilities
Sam Lento Headshot

Sam Lento

Coordinator of Facilities Management
Michael Dybala Headshot

Michael Dybala

Coordinator of Facilities Management
RLC Lindley headshot

Lindley Carter

Residence Life Coordinator of Osprey Cove.

photo coming soon

AnnMarie Pope

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator of Osprey Cove
RLC Placeholder Photo coming soon

Darius Perkins

Residence Life Coordinator of Osprey Crossings
photo coming soon

Tendai Ushendibaba

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator of Osprey Hall
photo coming soon

Bri Ganzini

Residence Life Coordinator of Osprey Landing
photo coming soon

Rachel Hunt

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator of Osprey Landing

Melanie headshot

Melanie McLemore

Residence Life Coordinator of Osprey Fountains
photo coming soon

Abby Crawford

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator for Osprey Fountains
Residence Life Coordinator Coming Soon

Dylan Myers

Residence Life Coordinator for Osprey Village and Osprey Hall
Corey Ulloa Headshot

Corey Ulloa

Residence Life Coordinator of The Flats at UNF. Corey also oversees the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH).
Sheresa Divens Headshot

Sheresa Divens

Coordinator Education Initiatives and Living-Learning Communities

Residence Life Coordinators

The Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) are professional full-time staff who work traditional business hours. They are typically entry-level staff who have a master's degree in student affairs, higher education, college student development or counseling. Each RLC manages a community of 450-500 students, directly supervises 8-11 student staff for their respective areas, is the professional staff first-responder for emergencies and crisis situations, adviser to their respective area council, Conduct Hearing Officer and they chair a Housing and Residence Life educational committee.

When to contact:

  • Develop and coordinate programs for community residential students
  • Manage student concerns and following up with a student who live in the community
  • Working with an RA that's been difficult to follow up with for a program
  • Roommate conflict facilitator
  • Conduct concerns of residents
  • Student wellness checks

Student Staff

Resident Assistants

RAs are generally full-time undergraduate student staff members. Each RA oversees about 50 students on a floor, wing, house or village apartment building and are supervised by an RLC. Some of the responsibilities of the RA include: working with students, provide programs for their students, actively develop the residential community and enforce policies. RAs have in-community duty responsibilities, office hours in the area, and work on Housing and Residence Life committees.

Learning Community Assistants

LCAs are generally full-time undergraduate student staff members who reside in many of our Living-Learning Communities. Their primary responsibility is the community development of the Living-Learning Community and putting on programs and events around the communities focus.

Community Assistant

CAs are part-time student staff. They live and work with the residents of The Flats at UNF. Community Assistants work to support the academic success and personal growth of the students living in the student housing community. The CA is expected to promote a supportive and friendly environment for The Flats at UNFresidents. CAs are critical to the success of building he[althy communities where residents feel safe, included, valued and involved.