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Housing and Residence Life

Residence Life Conduct FAQ

  • What is an Infraction Notice and why did I receive one?

    An Infraction Notice is generated and emailed to a student when Housing & Residence Life receives a report of potential HRL policy violations. This letter notifies the student of when and where the alleged incident occurred as well as the alleged violation(s) of HRL policy. The infraction notice provides additional instruction for the student regarding their initial meeting and administrative hearing.

    A resident may receive an Infraction Notice for several reasons: Healthy & Safety Inspections completed by the Resident Assistant found possible housing violation(s) in the resident's room; the resident was at an incident where UPD or Fire Rescue responded to the scene; an incident report was submitted to Housing & Residence Life regarding potential policy violations.

  • What do I do when I receive an Infraction Notice?

    The resident should follow instructions on the hearing letter and contact the hearing officer with any questions. The hearing is conducted with a Residence Life Coordinator and will last approximately 30 minutes. The purpose of this hearing is for the resident to discuss their level of responsibility in the alleged incident and share any pertinent information they may have; we meet with all residents involved in order to accurately determine responsibility for violations of HRL policy.

  • Now that I received my Outcome Letter, what do I need to do?
    The Outcome Letter will be sent to the UNF student email address. This letter provides the resident with a summary of what was discussed in the hearing and will note if the resident is responsible or not-responsible for any violations of HRL policy. The Outcome Letter will also assign educational sanction(s) for policies the resident has been found in violation of. Sanctions assigned to residents are based on the severity of the offense, previous sanctions assigned and previous conduct history. Failure to complete assigned sanctions will result in a non-compliance hold on the student's record. This hold will not be lifted until the assignment(s) are completed and submitted to the Department of Housing & Residence Life.
  • I already met with the Office of Student Accountability and Resolution regarding the same incident, why do I need to come to Housing & Residence Life Conduct?
    Housing and Residence Life Conduct reserves the right to forward any conduct case to the Office of Student Accountability and Resolution. Frequently, cases that are forwarded to the Office of Student Accountability and Resolution still need to meet with Housing in regards to their housing contract future. *Please note: if a behavior is severe enough to be sent to the Office of Student Accountability and Resolution, the student's housing contract may also be in jeopardy for immediate termination and ban from the residential areas.