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Housing and Residence Life Regulations and Conduct Procedures

The Housing and Residence Life Conduct System includes policies published in the Housing Contract, Terms and Conditions, Resident Handbook, Student Handbook and other official University publications.

Procedural Due Process for the Residence Life Conduct System:

  1. The charged resident shall receive notification of the charge(s), date, time, and place of hearing at least 48 hours prior to the hearing.
  2. Whether a resident is in violation of the standards shall be based on information shared during the hearing, in addition to any incident reports.
  3. Should the charged resident receive proper notice and fail to appear at the hearing, the Hearing Administrator may proceed with the hearing and take action based on the information available at the hearing, and/or forward the case to Student Conduct, and/or place a hold on the student's account.
  4. If, in the course of the hearing, it is determined that the charged resident is responsible for violations connected with the same incident other than those cited in the original charges, the Hearing Administrator may issue disciplinary sanctions based on those findings.
  5. The charged resident will be given the opportunity to respond to the information during the hearing.
  6. The charged resident shall receive written notification of the decision of the hearing within two (2) weeks of hearing
  7. A resident may be accompanied by one advisor. The advisor will not be permitted to participate directly in the hearing and will be available only to respond to questions the resident may have.
  8. Deviations from these procedures shall not necessarily invalidate a hearing or the decisions of a hearing.

Housing and Residence Life Hearings

All Housing and Residence Life hearings will follow requirements and established procedures for the Department of Housing & Residence Life. Failure to complete a Housing & Residence Life Conduct sanction(s) may result in a hold being placed on your student account, and/or more severe disciplinary action being taken, and/or immediate referral to Student Conduct.

Housing and Residence Life Conduct Records

Housing and Residence Life Conduct Records are retained by the Department of Housing and Residence Life and will be shared with University Officials as needed. The Housing and Residence Life staff reserves the right to forward any individual and/or conduct incident to Student Conduct.

Housing & Residence Life Sanctions

In considering the facts and circumstances of each case, the following sanctions, or combination of sanctions (with or without appropriate modifications) may be imposed upon any individual resident and/or groups or organizations found to have violated the Housing & Residence Life Rules and Conduct Procedures:

  1. Written Warning - a written statement notifying students that their behavior in residence halls was not in accordance with community standards. Students may receive written warnings from Housing and Residence Life without attending a formal hearing.
  2. Community Service Hours - assignment to complete tasks under the supervision of a University department or outside agency.
  3. Educational activities - attendance at educational programs, preparation of bulletin boards, reflective papers, interviews with appropriate officials, planning and implementation of educational programs, other educational activities, etc.
  4. Counseling assessment - referral for assessment at a counseling center for alcohol/drug dependence, general mental health, or other counseling issues.
  5. Visitation restrictions - limit or loss of visitation privileges.
  6. Restitution.
  7. Fees.
  8. Housing & Residence Life Probation - a period of time during which a resident is expected to demonstrate appropriate changes in behavior. Any further violations of the Housing and Residence Life Rules and Conduct Procedures may result in more serious sanctions being imposed. Some of the restrictions that may be placed on the student during the probation period include, but are not limited to: participation in Residence Life activities, participation in leadership positions (RA/RHA), entrance into residence halls, or contact with another specified person(s).
  9. Change in residence hall/apartment assignment.
  10. Exclusion (either temporary or permanent) from campus residence halls/apartments.

This is not a complete list of possible sanctions.

*NOTE: If a resident's Housing Contract is terminated as the result of disciplinary action, the resident will remain fully responsible for rent due for signed Housing Contracts.


Residents may appeal Housing & Residence Life decisions in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. A Resident is entitled to one appeal per incident.
  2. A Resident electing to appeal a Housing & Residence Life Conduct decision must file a written appeal within five (5) business days of being given notification of the decision of the original hearing. Appeals must be submitted to the Director of Housing & Residence Life or his/her designee.
  3. Only Appeals based on severity of sanctions, violations of due process, (as explained in The Resident Handbook) and/or the availability of new pertinent information will be considered. Written Appeals must state specific grounds for the appeal.


Failure to complete a Housing & Residence Life Conduct sanction(s) may result in a hold being placed on your student account, and/or more severe disciplinary action being taken, and/or immediate referral to Student Conduct.

Please Note: Holds will not be lifted to accommodate schedule changes, etc. until the appropriate action (sanction or scheduled appointment) has been completed and/or submitted.