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Colloquium Video Transcript






Honors is a home for learning, understanding, growing.




We've captured everything that we've gone through together, and how much we have all grown.




We gained new skills, new ideas, new memories, and a new family.


Boo in the Q


My name is Gabi Rezende, and I'm in the English Tutors group.



It's completely different learning about Refugees, through class in our lectures and the readings, but meeting them face-to-face and hearing their stories from them and their experiences is a completely humbling experience. It really puts everything in perspective into our lives and how much we're doing really helps them, like getting used to American culture and succeeding in our society.


Hicks Honors Gala


My name is Noah DeDeo, I'm from Philanthropy, we had the job of designing the theme for the Gala, what we wanted it to be, and how we wanted it to be set up. HSU helped us set up, and they had a big part in it, but so did we.




We had to raise the money, we had to get people thereā€¦ we did our part really well. We raised $2,035 from the Gala in total.




The whole Gala was great. We had a couple of guest speakers: some refugee children.


Thanksgiving Event


My name is Chloe Polder, and I'm in the Events Group.



Before Colloquium, I guess I was never really aware of how many refugees are in Jacksonville, because I'm not from here. But doing these events and hosting these kids really opened my eyes to how many refugees there actually are. It was really cool to be able to work with these children and show them our culture, like thanksgiving and halloween, and share our holidays with them. In the end, kids are kids, and it was just really fun to see the joy in their faces through the events that we planned for them.




Part of our experience in Colloquium is practicing our teamwork skills. And when sports coaches work with refugee children, they are passing down that knowledge.



My name is Julia Burton, and I'm in Events.



I expected the kids to be outcasts and different from the other children that I interact with. But when we had the events that we planned for them, I kind of realized that they're just regular everyday kids that want to play games and kick a soccer ball.

Refugee Simulator


Colloquium is about immersing ourselves in the reality of being a refugee in the United States. The refugee simulator allowed us to participate in that experience and put ourselves in their shoes.



Voiceover of Paul Butler, from the PR Group:

Yeah, I'd say my view has definitely changed. I had a very limited view on immigration before I came here, but I think after colloquium and all of the discussions and stuff, I think I definitely understand it more and am more sympathetic.



[male student notices evicted sign]



person behind the camera: How do you feel?



male student: Terrible.[student shakes head]


[end transcript]