Honors First Year Colloquium

What is it?

Each year's new Honors cohort explores immigration and national identity in a class while building critical thinking, interpersonal, and leadership skills through a student-run service project helping refugees.

How does it work?

The course is comprised of two parts: lecture and breakout. Dr. Leslie Kaplan organizes a lecture series, which includes faculty and staff from different departments, such as Biology, Economics, and History. After lecture, students head to their breakout groups according to their refugee service projects. These breakout groups are led by upperclassmen known as facilitators. The facilitators are both acting teachers and student mentors. Students choose their service project groups during registration at Orientation.


Video Credits: 2014 Colloquium Film Group

Media Kit

The file below contains information about the Honors Colloquium class and project:
Colloquium Media Kit

Service Project Groups

(Groups are subject to change each year.)