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Aerial view of a group of students at conference
Honors Colloquium
Group photo from the 2017 Honors Gala
Honors Colloquium
UNF student helping a child do crafts
Honors Colloquium
Students working  a clothing drive
Honors Colloquium
Three honors students smiling at camera
Honors Colloquium
Honors Colloquium

Honors First Year Colloquium


The Honors First Year Colloquium is a required Honors class that is designed to focus on leadership experiences, academic skills, and critical thinking. Many of the assignments are demonstrations of these important skills, such as networking, engaging in group work, giving oral presentations, effective note taking and understanding other points of view. The academic content of the course will focus on immigration and national identity, and there will be a series of lectures from a wide variety of disciplines, including history, biology and economics. Students are also introduced to different perspectives through discussion of weekly readings. Skills are practiced through weekly assignments, both writing assignments and quizzes.


University of North Florida - Honors Colloquium


How Does it Work?

The course is comprised of two parts: lecture and breakout. After lecture, students head to their breakout groups according to their refugee service projects. These breakout groups are led by upperclassmen known as facilitators. The facilitators are both acting teachers and student mentors. Students choose their service project groups during registration at Orientation.


One of the skills Colloquium focuses on particularly is the skill of empathy. This is a crucial skill for students entering the world of citizenship and employment in an interconnected global economy and diverse workplace. To better understand empathy, students will work with a population that is (for most students) very different than themselves: refugees recently resettled in the US. Each student will choose an aspect of the service project to focus on which will determine your "facilitation group," the discussion breakout section of the Colloquium. The service project will take approximately three hours a week outside of class and will culminate in a public poster presentation to which the UNF and members of the refugee resettlement community will be invited.

Service Project Groups

(Groups are subject to change each year.)