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Hicks Honors College

Honors News and Updates

The Hicks Honors College has two weekly newsletters we strongly recommend you keep up to date with where we share important updates on upcoming events, course offerings, scholarship opportunities, internship opportunities, fellowship opportunities, HSU events, and much more.

Fellowship Fridays

Hicks Happenings is where we publish our Spring, Summer, and Fall Honors course offerings. It also has information on clubs, events, internships, jobs, study abroad, the Honors Community Room, and ways to get involved with Honors.
Fellowship Fridays is where Dr. Kershner shares weekly updates on upcoming fellowship opportunities and important deadlines. Examples of fellowships include the Fubright program, Gilman, and Barry Goldwater Scholarship.

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Directions to the new Honors office.

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Want to connect with other Honors students? 

The Honors Student Union (HSU for short) is a student-run organization aimed at deepening connections within the Honors community.

All Honors students are enrolled in the HSU Canvas page upon admittance to the program. HSU suggests you follow their Instagram: unfhsu.


Current HSU members should ensure their Canvas notifications are enabled so that they are aware of upcoming events. 
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What HSU Does: 

  • Hosts events for Honors students
  • Works with both Honors students and staff 
  • Uses the Honors Interest Groups to help connect individuals in Honors.