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Hicks Honors College

Honors Living Learning Communities


First Year Housing - Honors Living-Learning Community (LLC)

The Honors LLC is designated housing for first year Honors students. The purpose of the LLC is to assist our students with a smooth transition into college. Located in Osprey Crossings Q, the housing facility is on main campus and provides students with a tight knit community, including social and educational programming designed to help students feel connected to Honors, UNF and each other! The Honors LLC is a partnership between Housing and Residence Life and the Hicks Honors College.

The Benefits of Living in Q


"I really love being able to see people all the time in the atrium. Whether I'm walking in the building from a class or stepping outside my dorm, there are always students hanging out in the Atrium. The Q Atrium is like a really big living room that houses fun events like game nights, movie nights, ice cream social, Halloween, and many more events. You don't see that in other housing residences! There's no other place that allows students to hang out in one big area. With all the events going on and my classmates always hanging out, I always have someone different to hang out with."


- Gracie Reddick

"One of my favorite things about living in Q is all the places that we can hang out - the kitchens, the study rooms, and at the couches on all three floors. I really love the two study rooms the most though. They are equipped with white boards, which are very, very helpful when working out physics, chemistry, and math problems. The rooms really allow my friends and I to come together and study and work out class problems in the room. They're especially helpful because I do not have to trek all the way to the library to try to find an open spot to study during finals week. "


- Austin Laurin

"Living in Crossings Q lets me become totally immersed in the Hicks Honors College. Honors allows us to grow close through Colloquium and spend our free time together in Crossings Q. I love the community we have here. It is very tight knit and a wonderful learning environment. We all really support each other and it is great because everyone is going through the same thing together. Freshman year is not so scary when your friends and classmates are beside you. I can already say that I have made friends for life here at Honors. "


- Courtney Ardizzoni

Global Honors Living Learning Community

What is Global Honors?

This community is open to international students and/or Honors students interested living together in an international village in the Fountains Residence Hall. 

Honors students: If you are interested in studying abroad and want to meet international students here at UNF, or you can’t study abroad and would like to experience some cultural exchange, OR you want to live with other Honors students, this living-learning community is for YOU!

International students: If you want to really get to know some American students as well as our international community, this community is for you!

There is no required class. The community will be built through social activities, sharing cultures (especially through food!) and working together on community service projects. Students living in this community will attend events like potluck dinners featuring a variety of different food traditions, field trips to explore cultural and environmental treasures in the area, shopping trips to ethnic stores, game nights, pool parties, and other events all with a mix of other Honors students and students studying at UNF from around the world.

This is an opportunity for cultural exchange and friendship between international students and American students. Come learn about our global village!