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Hicks Honors College Fellows Program

Hicks Fellows are honors students who receive a prestigious Hicks-funded fellowship in order to carry out unique educational experiences such as, but not limited to, research assistance duties, travel to conferences, participation in career-focused internships, Honors in the Major requirements, etc. Although award amounts may vary, Hicks Fellows generally receive as much as $1000 of funding per year ($500 per semester) for up to four years.



Beginning Fall 2020 the UNF Foundation Scholarships office has implemented a new scholarship management system, Academic Works, that allows students to view their eligible scholarships, apply online and manage the acceptance process.  To be considered for Honors Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships please follow the instructions on the Foundation Scholarships webpage.  


Steps in applying for a Hicks Fellowship:

  1. The first step in applying for a Hicks Fellowship is to secure a faculty mentor who will supervise the student experiences. Honors Advisors may be able to help connect students with appropriate faculty mentors.
  2. The student and faculty mentor together map out the expectations of the Hicks Fellowship and the educational goals.
  3. The student completes the application in Academic Works. Note that the application must include a 1-2 page summary of the proposed research and/or experiences along with the expected goals and educational and/or career benefits. Upload a letter of support from the faculty mentor. 

Once a fellowship has been awarded, students will be expected to complete a Hicks Fellows Commitment form. In addition, at the end of each semester of the fellowship, faculty mentors will be asked to submit progress reports in order to renew the fellowship for the following semester.


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