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Admission to the Hicks Honors College 

We consider academic ability and motivation, but also look at evidence of engagement—that is, meaningful involvement in activities outside of academics, such as community involvement, leadership, etc. We look closely at the self-assessment and essays portion of the application in order to get a sense of you as a person. We consider GPA and test scores, but only in conjunction with the other components of the application. There is no absolute cutoff, but most often those who are accepted into the program have a weighted GPA of 4.0 or above, an SAT of 1200 of above (or an ACT of 26 or above). Though letters of recommendation are not required, they are often helpful in giving us other perspective(s) on your motivation, abilities, and accomplishments, so we encourage and welcome you to submit them (instructions are on the application form). If you need to have someone else submit them for confidentiality reasons, please asked for your letter(s) to be emailed to honors@unf.eduThe subject line of the email should contain your full name and make it clear that it is a letter of recommendation (or LOR).  You also will have the opportunity to submit a short video of yourself answering a prompt.  It is not required either, but we welcome you to submit one.


The Honors application is available online here.


If you have any Honors admissions questions, please call (904) 620-2649 or e-mail


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