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Step Six: Submitting the Thesis or Dissertation to the Graduate School and Digital Commons

The student is required to submit the following items to the Graduate School by the posted deadline

  • One original Certificate of Approval (signature page) signed by the thesis or dissertation committee members, the thesis or dissertation Chair, the department chair, and the college dean. 
  • A completed Thesis/Dissertation Availability Agreement form.
  • Upload the completed thesis or dissertation to UNF Digital Commons. A hard-copy is not required to be submitted to the Graduate School.
  • Upon approval by the Dean of the Graduate School, the Graduate School will submit all necessary documentation for deposit of your thesis or dissertation in the UNF Library.

License Agreement for UNF Digital Commons

The UNF Library would like to showcase your work in the UNF Digital Repository with your permission. This digital library makes UNF’s unique resources accessible on a global scale. To load your theses or dissertation into our institutional repository, please download and print the Thesis/Dissertation Availability Agreement form and submit with your final thesis. Please include a blank Certificate of Approval page with your uploaded document and turn in the signed Certificate of Approval page, along with the completed Availability Agreement to the Graduate School.


The UNF Digital Commons makes the scholarship of UNF easily available in one location online, enabling increased access to colleagues, students and the greater internet community.  Works placed in the repository are more easily discovered in common internet search engines and in other academic search portals.  This greater access makes it easier for researchers around the world to discover your work.  The UNF Digital Commons is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output of the University of North Florida to include greater reach and increased circulation not only in Florida, but throughout the country and beyond.  This initiative is in line with universities nationwide as we attempt to better serve our far reaching communities. You are welcome to browse through our collection of campus materials on the Digital Commons website, or the UNF Theses and Dissertations series website.

Paper Quality

The thesis or dissertation signature page must be printed. It is highly recommended your signature page be printed on 20-24 pound, acid free paper. Only one signature page is required.

Binding Services

Binding of thesis or dissertations is no longer a UNF requirement. If the student’s department/committee chair requires a copy of the project, or the student wants print copies of the project, binding arrangements and fees are the sole responsibility of the student.



  • One original Certficate of Approval (signature page) is submitted to the Graduate School. 
  • A completed Thesis/Dissertation Availability Agreement form is submitted to the Graduate School. 
  • An Adobe PDF version of the thesis or dissertation submitted to UNF Digital Commons.  No compression or password protection should be used and all fonts should be embedded in the document. Before uploading your thesis or dissertation, please verify your curriculum vitae does not contain any personal information such as your personal address and phone number.